Pope "of Beijing": China has re-activated its 5th column of "peacekeepers"

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Pope "of Beijing": China has re-activated its 5th column of "peacekeepers"

Kyiv and its Western partners are organizing a peace summit: the goal is to find a common solution to calm down aggressive Russian imperialism. At the same time, friends of the Kremlin are trying to join the forum in order to turn the anti-Putin summit into an anti-Ukrainian one.

The meeting of the heads of state, which is actively lobbied by Ukraine, forced Beijing to send its diplomats to world capitals. Their task is to voice Moscow's wishes as conditions for participation in the talks, according to the South China Morning Post.

First: The West stops supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Second: Zelenskyy cancels the decree signed in October 2022 banning negotiations with Putin.

Spoiler alert: South China Morning Post sources in various EU capitals said that "this will never happen" as long as Russia continues to attack on the front. In addition, the Europeans believe that Moscow will be "so demanding and rude at the summit that it will be over before the discussion begins."

Beijing does not give up hope of getting the Kremlin to attend the summit, so a fifth "column of blue helmets" followed China on the march: these are the same "peacekeepers with a grenade" who accompanied the previous "peace tour" of Beijing's special representative Li Hui: Orban, Fico, Erdogan and... the Pope. At that time, they called the bunker man a "good guy," and urged him to save face and sit down with him at the table.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently said that his country is ready to host a "peace summit" on its territory to end the war in Ukraine, but only if the aggressor country, Russia, also participates. The Hungarian and Slovak prime ministers shared the same opinion.

The situation with Switzerland is especially ridiculous: as a potential organizer of the summit, it insists on inviting Muscovy to the "peace forum," while at the same time a journalist from the Swiss television company RSI interviews the Pope and asks about a white flag for Ukraine. And the pontiff obsequiously plays along with the TV reporter, saying that Ukraine should find the courage to surrender by agreeing to negotiate. This is not a redemptive story at all.

The Vatican has already explained that the pontiff was misunderstood, and he was not talking about surrender... and in general, the Pope was framed by journalists.

The Vatican is no stranger to apologizing for the Pope's words. Not long ago, the Holy See was also forced to say that the head of the church was misunderstood. Do you remember how Francis praised the greatness of the Russians: "Cruelty is not inherent in the Russian people... because the Russian people are a great people... I have great respect for the Russian people, for Russian humanism."

He also prayed for the "innocently murdered" Dugina, and was going to visit the Russian Federation in the spring of 2023, and visit Donbas from the Russian side.

The reason for pathological Russophilia is the Holy See's excessive sensitivity to China: The Vatican seeks to gain China's loyalty in exchange for the restoration of the Unitary Chinese Catholic Church in China, which means hundreds of millions of believers.

That is why today the Vatican behaves as if Jesus Christ was a Chinese, and Xi has become his envoy on earth. Pope Francis is openly playing along with the world's great dictatorship: note that he does not call on Putin to be brave and withdraw the occupying army from Ukraine...

The democratic world needs to think carefully about whether the Vatican's prayers are harmful to democracy and security. And at the same time, find a common solution as to whether Putin can lose. The West has already decided that he cannot win, but this was not enough.

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