"Enough misunderstandings": Zelensky invited the leaders of Poland and the EU to negotiate on the Ukrainian-Polish border

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Zelensky addressed the Poles due to the blocking of the border between the two countries

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has appealed to the leaders of Poland and the European Union over the protests and blocking of checkpoints between Ukraine and Poland by a group of Poles. The Ukrainian president proposed to hold talks directly at the border and resolve all misunderstandings once and for all.

This is stated in a message on Zelensky's Telegram channel. A delegation from the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers will be waiting for Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Polish President Andrzej Duda at the Ukrainian-Polish border in the coming days, until February 24.

Zelensky reacted to the events on the Ukrainian-Polish border, where a group of Polish "farmers" blocked truck traffic and poured grain harvested by Ukrainians in mined fields and under fire onto the ground.

In his address to the Poles, the President of Ukraine asked them to recall the meaning of the word "solidarity."

"I want to appeal to everyone who remembers what the full meaning of the word 'solidarity' means. A word that changed the history of our entire Europe for the better. It did. And in many ways it still is. But we also see excessive and unfair politicization now, which can make common achievements start to crumble," the President noted.

He called on Tusk and Duda to put an end to the situation that created tension between the two neighboring countries. According to Zelenskyy, this should be done where this tension began to spread: on the border between Ukraine and Poland.

"I have instructed our government to be at the border between our countries as soon as possible, by February 24. And I ask you, Donald, Mr. Prime Minister, to come to the border as well. And Andrzej, Mr. President, I ask you to support this dialog. This is national security. We must not delay this. The next few days give us a chance to do this. I am also ready to be at the border with our government," Zelenskyy said to his Polish counterpart and the head of the Polish government.

At the same time, the Ukrainian president also addressed the European Commission.

"And I want to appeal now to the European Commission: we must preserve unity in Europe. This is a fundamental interest of the European Union. That is why Ukraine is appealing to the European Commission to have a representative of the European Commission take part in this meeting. Enough of Moscow on our lands. Enough of misunderstandings," the head of state summarized.

Zelenskyy's post was duplicated in Polish, and his appeal to the Poles has Polish subtitles, so that the content of the Ukrainian president's appeal reaches the addressees without distortion and speculation, and the message contained in it is perceived as it was originally intended.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, as of February 20, Polish protesters are blocking not only the passage of trucks. Now they are not allowing buses and cars to cross the border between Poland and Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to the blockade, noting that such actions by friendly Poland are unjustified and appealing to the Polish government with an important appeal.

Meanwhile, the Consul General of Poland in Lviv called the actions of the farmers at the border a disgrace and compared their actions to those of the Russian occupiers.

The tension between the two countries due to the blocking of the border by the Poles has affected the attitude of Ukrainians toward the people of Poland. According to polls, the percentage of Ukrainians who consider Poland a friendly country has recently decreased.

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