Will not spoil at +35: the best tips for summer makeup

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Fix these mistakes and you'll look great even in the hottest weather. Source: Created with the help of AI

Summer is approaching, which means that the question of how to make makeup that won't run off even in extreme heat is becoming relevant again. In addition to switching to waterproof mascara, makeup artists have many tips for summer.

In particular, they recommend avoiding certain mistakes if you want to look fresh at all times. OBOZ.UA tells you about these mistakes in more detail.

You do not prepare your skin

You might think that in the summer when the skin is already constantly wet with sweat, you can skip the stage of using a moisturizer under the foundation. And this is a mistake. This product helps to compensate for dehydration, which occurs due to sweating and regulates sebum production. Therefore, the cream should be applied in the same way as in winter. And be sure to add sun protection to it. Choose the highest possible SPF factor and look for something specially formulated for the face – they shine less and don't leave light streaks.

You are choosing the wrong products

What worked for your friend with sensitive skin may not work for your combination skin. And vice versa. In the heat, this discrepancy will be even more noticeable. Therefore, in the summer, pay even more attention to the choice of facial and makeup products. Some makeup artists advise switching to powder products and dry textures in the heat. Indeed, they absorb moisture better and protect against shine. But at the same time, they can emphasize the texture of the skin. Therefore, be guided by the situation with each product separately.

You neglect the setting spray

In the summer, professionals advise switching to a thinner application of familiar products, such as foundation, contour, or blush. And fix them with a setting spray. Those with oily skin can even apply it twice — the first time before applying the powder, and the second at the very end.

You rely too much on powder

Yes, whether compact or loose, the powder can quickly save your face from shine. That's why in summer, many women grab for it as soon as they notice this effect on their faces. But this way, you risk turning into a kabuki theater actress covered in a thick layer of makeup in the evening. If your makeup starts to flake off from the heat, it is better to blend it with a cosmetic sponge and apply a little more foundation if necessary. And only then set it with a little powder.

You apply too much product

Applying too much product to your skin in the summer can be a big mistake. The more foundation or blush you put on, the more it will run off when you sweat. So, if you can, it's best to avoid face tinting altogether. Or give preference to lightweight products with a translucent finish.

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