Will change your makeup forever: eight life hacks that don't take more than 1 minute

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Who among makeup lovers hasn't dreamed at least once in their life of being able to apply makeup in the morning with one touch and sleep peacefully for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, makeup artists have not yet figured out how to achieve this, but they have developed a whole bunch of quick life hacks that will help minimize the time it takes to apply makeup.

OBOZ.UA tells you about eight life hacks that will help you really save time. Each of them will take no more than a minute, but the effect will amaze you.

Add a little oil to your foundation

If for some reason you don't want to waste time using a primer, replace it with camellia oil. Mix one drop of it into your daily foundation, and you will get a perfectly radiant base. Which will also have a light moisturizing effect.

Emphasize your eyes with a highlighter

If you don't have time for full contouring, keep a bottle of cream highlighter in your makeup bag anyway. Just a drop of this product applied to the area around the eyes makes the look more open and fresh. This improves the impression of the image as a whole and visibly tightens this area.

Use a transparent eyebrow gel

Some people have the time and inspiration to carefully draw their eyebrows every morning, others don't. There is no problem here. Do as you please. But try using a transparent (or even pigmented) brow gel. Just quickly brush them into the desired shape, and they will hold it well all day.

Take time to curl your eyelashes.

It may only take ten seconds, but the effect will be worth it. Use an eyelash curler to give them a seductive curve. Well-curled lashes require less mascara, as they will create the desired volume on their own.

Don't forget the lip pencil

A pencil contour will help you save time on touching up your lip makeup. It only takes a minute to use it, and it won't smudge your lipstick or gloss. If you want to create a sensual lip effect, just blend this contour inward.

Don't ignore blush

Applying blush helps to instantly refresh your face in just one motion. It doesn't take as much time as full contouring, but the effect is simply amazing. Apply a drop of the product to the apples of your cheeks and blend quickly.

Mask redness near the nose

This area is often naturally red due to the proximity of small vessels to the skin surface. This effect can make it look painful. To get rid of it, apply a little concealer to the area around your nose. Even if you don't use it anywhere else. A well-blended product will invisibly hide the problem.

Apply a setting spray under your foundation

Traditionally, setting sprays are used as the last step to keep makeup fresh and free from creasing. However, makeup artists agree that using the product immediately before applying foundation can provide more even makeup and a much more durable finish.

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