Where the giraffe is hiding? A fun mindfulness puzzle

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A fun mindfulness puzzle. Source: jagranjosh.com

Mindfulness tasks have long been a popular way to have fun and exercise your brain. They may seem simple at first glance, but they actually make even the smartest people sweat.

One of the most common and popular online puzzles is to find hidden objects in images. Jagran Josh recently shared this one for you to challenge yourself and take a break from the mundane.

Look at the image and try to find a giraffe among the cats and dogs. You have 11 seconds to complete the task.

Where the giraffe is hiding? A fun mindfulness puzzle

Mindfulness puzzles are not only entertaining but also help keep your mind sharp. They improve concentration and train your problem-solving and visual-spatial processing skills.

They can also serve as a great stress reliever as immersing yourself in the process of finding and solving puzzles allows you to take your mind off everyday worries and problems.


  • Concentrate. These puzzles require full concentration.
  • Divide the image into sectors. Conditionally divide the picture into several parts, enlarge them one by one, and look at them carefully so as not to miss a single detail.
  • Take your time. The task has a time limit, but if you need more time, then look for the giraffe as long as you need.
  • Distract yourself. If you get stuck, take a break and then try again later.
  • Try to think outside the box. Of course, in nature, the giraffe is big and yellow, but remember that the puzzle wants to trick you, so it may be illogical.

Congratulations to those who have successfully completed the task. Look at the correct answer to make sure you are right.

If you still haven't found the giraffe, don't be upset. It is really well disguised, so if a person rarely solves such tasks, it is quite normal that he or she has difficulties. Try practicing online puzzles every day to improve your mindfulness, observation, and many other cognitive skills.

The correct answer

Where the giraffe is hiding? A fun mindfulness puzzle

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