What will happen to your body if you give up coffee: six surprising scientific facts

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How to make caffeine withdrawal easier

Morning coffee is a familiar ritual for many people. It tastes good, but drinking it, especially in large quantities, can have negative consequences. If you want to quit drinking coffee but find it difficult to make a strong-willed decision, it will help to know what will happen to your body if you give up this drink.

WebMD writes about the positive aspects of giving up coffee. The publication also advises on how to ease caffeine withdrawal.

Here are six facts about the positive effects of quitting coffee on your body:

Reduced anxiety, nervousness, and feelings of worry

Caffeine gives you a boost of energy, but it can often cause symptoms of anxiety: nervousness, heart palpitations, and even panic. The less coffee you drink, the less you trigger this reaction in your body, and the more you become calmer and more balanced.

Blood pressure is normalized

When you consume caffeine, which is found in coffee, you increase your blood pressure. Researchers believe that coffee may prevent your arteries from staying as wide as they need to be for healthy blood pressure.

If you reduce your caffeine intake, you will avoid this spike in blood pressure and the potential complications that come with it. This is especially useful for hypertensive patients.

Improved skin condition

Caffeine slows down the rate at which your body produces collagen, which gives your skin its firmness and elasticity. As soon as it drops, your skin starts to sag and wrinkles appear. This is especially accelerated with age.

So, if you get rid of caffeine, it can help keep the aging process from accelerating.

You will get rid of addiction

Caffeine, if consumed regularly, changes your brain chemistry over time just like drugs. You can become addicted to it. You'll need more and more caffeine after a while to feel the effects.

You will get rid of this addiction if you make a strong-willed decision to give up coffee.

Sleep is normalized

It will be especially true for those who suffer from insomnia as giving up coffee throughout the day will lead to normalized sleep. You'll fall asleep more easily and have fewer intrusive thoughts before bed. Your sleep will be deeper, allowing you to recover better.

You will have stronger and whiter teeth

Coffee, soda, and tea are three of the most common sources of caffeine in the body. Due to its acidity, teeth deteriorate and change color, and they become yellowish. Caffeine also dries out saliva, which is the main defense against bacteria. Therefore, the less saliva you have, the higher the risk of tooth decay.

How to make it easier to give up coffee

If caffeine is a significant part of your daily diet, quitting can have many unpleasant consequences in the short term. These include headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, moodiness, and concentration problems. You'll start to experience symptoms a day or two after you stop drinking coffee, and they can last from 2 to 9 days.

Therefore, a one-at-a-time approach is the best option. First, replace half of your coffee with decaf. Also, gradually eliminate food and drinks containing caffeine from your diet.

When you give up caffeine, drink more water. This will help you avoid many of the worst withdrawal symptoms.

Get some exercise. Regular exercise gives you the serotonin levels your body craves. This will boost your mood and help you sleep better.

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