What to give for St. Nicholas Day: top surprises for children and adults

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A gift for the holiday

St. Nicholas Day is one of the most favorite holidays for children. According to legend, St. Nicholas brings sweets and gifts under the pillow the night before the holiday. This year, with the transition to the New Julian calendar, the date of the holiday has shifted by 13 days, so now we celebrate it on December 6 instead of December 19.

Sweets are considered traditional gifts, but, of course, it would be nice to ask the kids in advance what they want to receive for the holiday and write a letter to the saint together. OBOZ.UA has collected interesting gift ideas that will delight children and adults.

What to give a child


Toys for children are one of the most versatile gifts. You should take into account the age and interests of the child, for example, consider his or her favorite cartoons or comic book characters. For kids, you can choose soft toys. A universal gift would be a construction set or board game.

Jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles are a useful and interesting gift. There are different types of puzzles depending on the age of the child. For kids, puzzles with large details and bright colors are suitable, while middle-aged and older children can choose images of their favorite movies, cute animals, or beautiful landscapes.

Winter activities

Winter came early this year, so you can buy your child attributes for winter fun. For example, an ice sled - boys, girls, and even their parents will be happy with this gift.

Interesting experiences

On the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, various master classes are gaining popularity, such as pizza making, decorating Christmas houses, making toys for the Christmas tree, etc. You can also buy a ticket to a festive family performance. For teenagers, a certificate for a training course or interesting entertainment such as go-karting, climbing wall, etc.

A set for creativity

If your child has a hobby, try to develop their talent. Art kits are a great and useful gift. These can be easels with paints or paintings by numbers, various mosaics, beading kits, etc.

Advent calendar

The tradition of Advent calendars is not yet very popular in Ukraine, but it is very popular in the EU. The idea is to open the window of the Advent calendar every day from December 1 to 24 in anticipation of Christmas and receive interesting surprises: toys or candy. For teenage girls, cosmetic calendars are suitable. There are also calendars with 31 windows to look forward to the New Year.

Smart devices

For older children, you can buy smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, or electronic consoles.

What to give to adults

Gift set

Gift sets are gaining popularity on the eve of the holidays. The choice is unlimited: from standard trinkets to secret boxes that can contain incredible things.

Symbolic gifts

A mug, T-shirt, hat, or other piece of clothing or a souvenir with inscriptions is a universal and interesting idea. Especially if the person has hobbies, favorite characters, or movies.

Universal gifts

Here is a list of gifts that are more or less universal and suitable for everyone:

  • a book or series of books by a favorite author;
  • new electronics, power bank
  • jewelry;
  • a nice sweater, hat, scarf or gloves;
  • scented candles;
  • kitchen or other household appliances;
  • a certificate to your favorite store or beauty salon;
  • sweets and a joint lunch or dinner in a family atmosphere or a romantic or family dinner in a restaurant.

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