What not to wear on the plane and train: things that will ruin your vacation

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What clothes to choose for a trip

Planning a trip can be quite stressful if you don't make a list of necessary items and documents in advance. When all the preparations seem to be over, uncomfortable nuances can ruin a long journey: for example, uncomfortable shoes or poorly chosen clothes.

The basic rule to follow when choosing clothes for a trip is very simple: things should be comfortable. What clothes to choose for traveling by plane or train - read the OBOZREVATEL article.

Phlebologists emphasize that it is especially important to take care of the health of the circulatory system during a long trip. When choosing an outfit, pay attention to the quality of the fabric and the comfort of the shoes. We offer universal recommendations for choosing for a trip.

Rule 1

Choose high-quality socks and avoid synthetic products with a thick elastic band. By squeezing the lower leg, tight elastic bands will interfere with blood circulation, which is already hampered by sitting. The best option for traveling is compression knitwear: stockings or knee-highs. Evenly distributed pressure will prevent blood from stagnating in the legs and reduce swelling.

Rule 2

Give up the idea of wearing new shoes or sneakers on the road. Travel in well-worn or wide shoes. It is better to take a change of shoes on the plane or train - including pantolette (flip-flops) or clogs.

Rule 3

Ditch the jeans in favor of well-worn sweatpants. Instead of a blouse, choose a T-shirt or sweatshirt. Tight clothing will disrupt normal blood circulation, leading to swelling, headaches, and fatigue.

Rule 4

Decorative pillows and plush toys for sleeping look attractive and comfortable. However, doctors say that they are the main cause of headaches, back discomfort, numbness in the limbs, and swelling. Such pillows do not ensure the correct position of the spine. You should choose high-quality orthopedic pillows for traveling.

How to recover quickly after a long journey

  1. Take a contrast shower as soon as possible. The difference in temperature will help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase blood circulation.
  2. Stretch, walk, and exercise if possible. This will improve blood circulation after sitting in one position for a long time.
  3. Self-massage will also help: stretch your calves and feet.

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