What New Year's decor is already outdated: five trends to forget about

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A monochrome Christmas tree is not considered stylish now

Despite the fact that Christmas is always associated with a Christmas tree, lights and decorations, there are also trends in holiday decor. And the fashion for them is also transient.

OBOZ.UA decided to ask designers for their opinion on how not to decorate the Christmas tree and home this year. These trends are now considered outdated. It's better to give up such decorations until the time when they become vintage and come back into trend.

Too bright colors and glitter

The fashion for everything natural and organic has also influenced the way designers decorate Christmas trees this year. They refuse anything that shines too brightly or is painted in flashy colors. Give preference to faded shades and matte textures, and choose ornaments made of natural materials such as wood, cardboard, or fabric.

Massive jewelry

In the pursuit of restraint, designers began to abandon large decorations. Baubles, bows, and lights that obscure the texture of the pine needles are out of fashion. It's better to give preference to medium-sized decorations and garlands with small light bulbs. Only a star on the top of the tree can be a real accent and look trendy at the same time.


At the same time, the reverse trend of decorating the Christmas tree in one color scheme is also considered to be out of fashion. White baubles on a white artificial Christmas tree look uninteresting. So does a set of monochromatic decorations all over the tree. Designers recommend opting for 3-5 complex shades that go well with each other.

Traditional green and red

The combination of green and red colors evokes associations with Christmas and winter holidays. But it's time to take a break from this trend. This season, choose colors that suit your interior, rather than sticking to the traditional palette. If you still want classic holiday colors, don't deny yourself them, but try to use more complex shades.


This year, you shouldn't try to decorate a perfect Christmas tree and stick to the classics. Personalization and expression of individuality are at their peak now. That's why vintage family Christmas tree decorations are passed down from generation to generation and handmade toys are gaining popularity. Try to fill your home with meaning rather than an exhaustive list of necessary attributes for the holiday.

Bottom line

Eco-friendliness, restraint and individuality are at their peak now. This also applies to holiday decor. But there is always one small "but". You organize a holiday for yourself, and only you know what will make you feel good. So, if you want shiny, bright and large red and green decorations, do not refuse the idea. The main thing in celebrating Christmas is the atmosphere, and the decorations can be of any kind. Even their complete absence will do if the holiday is in your heart.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to choose and decorate a Christmas tree for the holidays so that it is safe and does not cause a fire.

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