What decorations should not be hung on a Christmas tree in 2024: they will bring trouble

Damaged decor has no place on a Christmas tree

We usually associate a lot of good hopes with the New Year's holiday. And we try not to spoil it by doing the wrong thing on New Year's Eve. After all, there is a belief that the way you meet the year is the way you spend it.

That is why esotericists do not recommend hanging certain decorations on a Christmas tree as they can attract bad energy and misfortune to the house. OBOZ.UA tells about them.

Damaged decor

Any damaged Christmas tree decorations - scratched toys, broken garlands, torn tinsel - carry the energy of trouble and poverty. Therefore, important toys, such as family heirlooms, should be repaired, and the rest of the broken items should be simply thrown away.

Lack of decorations

If you set up a festive tree in your house but do not decorate it with ornaments, and, say, limit yourself to garlands, it can attract evil spirits to your home and bring bad luck. And vice versa: the richer the tree is decorated, the more good luck it will bring.

Decorations in black color

Black is associated with bad energy and dark forces. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid such decorations on the Christmas tree. The fashion for toy colors may change, but this rule remains a constant.


Rings and necklaces belong on a body, not on a Christmas tree. At most, they should be in gift boxes under the festive tree. As New Year's decorations, they can paradoxically bring poverty.

Heart-shaped ornaments

Have you ever noticed that hearts are rarely hung on Christmas trees? That's because it is believed that such decor can bring problems in relationships. A heart on a Christmas tree can mean that someone in the house will have their heart broken in the New Year.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published tips from professionals on how to properly decorate the house for the Christmas holidays.

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