What day will be the luckiest for each sign in July: astrological forecast

Stellar transits will give each sign a day that can be used to the fullest. Source: Created with the help of AI

To determine the luckiest day of the month, you need to take into account important astrological transits. This is a transit that brings clarity, allowing you to be more thoughtful and direct in your actions and decisions.

According to astrologers, in early July, Neptune will turn retrograde in Pisces, giving you a clearer vision of the truth and the revelation of your deepest desires. The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 and the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21 create a harmonious balance between your needs and goals. Pay attention to where you direct your energy when Mars enters Gemini in July. Combined with Mercury's move into Leo and its subsequent move into Virgo on July 25, the emphasis on clear communication is heightened. Read on to find out what all these transits will bring to your sign and which day will be the most successful for you.


A lucky day for you: July 21

The full moon in Capricorn will rise on Sunday, July 21, and bring an extra dose of luck to your career. You're likely to get the promotion or raise you've been waiting for. The connection to the previous Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21 will make this day even more special. In between is a period full of new opportunities and growth. You have a whole month to achieve the recognition you deserve. Be ready to fully embrace what's coming your way, especially if you've been focused on other things. Your dreams are within reach – focus on long-term goals rather than immediate successes.


Lucky day on July 20

July is all about financial gain for you. As a person who appreciates the finer things in life and doesn't hesitate to articulate what they deserve, you're entering a phase where you can attract more wealth. On Saturday, July 20, Mars moves into Gemini, igniting a powerful drive to improve your finances and opening up amazing opportunities. This month, don't hesitate to focus on your goals and pursue them relentlessly. This is not the time to sit back and wait for wealth to come to you. Instead, take active steps to build your wealth as July promises a significant influx of funds.


A lucky day: July 5

The new moon in Cancer on Friday, July 5, invites you to start a new chapter by honoring your values and what is most important to you in life. Allow yourself to start a new life that your soul longs for. Feel free to set boundaries and recognize that certain aspirations or relationships no longer serve your growth. Letting go of what no longer matters will give you more energy and allow you to devote it to activities that bring you genuine joy and satisfaction.


It's a lucky day: July 2

Promise yourself to drown out all external noise and focus solely on what you want in your life. Often, the thoughts or needs of others become your dreams because you want to make others happy and take care of those you love. However, to truly realize your inner potential, you must respect your path. When Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday, July 2, it's time to reflect on the paths you've taken and the ones you haven't. Figure out what you want for yourself and your life, and then commit to following your dreams with unwavering confidence. You now have the potential to achieve abundance and open up new opportunities.


It's a lucky day: July 2

Don't let the world change you. By nature, you are strong, determined, and even a little ruthless when it comes to achieving your goals. The fact that others may be jealous of your ability to fulfill your dreams doesn't mean they should influence the way you live your life. As Mercury re-enters Leo on Tuesday, July 2, it's time to speak the truth and silence any inner doubts. Be sincere and ignore those who have something negative to say about you. The only way to attract the happiness you seek is to show the world who you really are. When you clearly articulate your ideas, desires, and needs, you determine the course of your destiny.


Lucky day: July 20

July is your lucky time as you get the green light to let things unfold in the way you want them to. When Mars enters Gemini on Saturday, July 20, you'll receive a huge boost of energy and the gift of words to help you succeed in your career and get recognized for all the hard work you've done. Your focus has shifted to new opportunities, which means you may finally get the career offer you've been hoping for. The abundance and happiness you receive will always be proportional to the amount of energy you put in. If you want rewards, success, and recognition in your career, put everything into it and trust that the new offer you've been hoping for will come to you.


Lucky day on July 20

Detach yourself from everything you've known so far and free yourself from fears about how things will end. Realize that there are many more possibilities than you ever thought possible: your best life may exist somewhere other than where you are now. When Mars enters Gemini on Saturday, July 20, it's time to awaken your inner traveler and allow yourself to explore the world. This opportunity can open you up to new experiences, signaling that the happiness you seek can be found by taking advantage of travel deals or planning your adventure. Whether it's personal growth or work, now is not the time to sit still and maintain the status quo. Visit new places, try different things, and enjoy the journey.


It's a lucky day: July 11

Don't worry about finances, especially now that you're about to enter a very profitable phase. Sometimes it's easy to overthink things, but when the stars align to bring you success and prosperity, just trust in the best possible outcome. When Venus enters Leo on Thursday, July 11, you'll be ready for a new chapter in your career and professional life. Prepare for a significant bonus or increase in your income and be open to relocation opportunities. Venus will not only help you get deeper into your career and increase your income, but it can also change your life situation through a promotion or other professional change.


It's a lucky day: July 22

At some point, you will have to let go of the past. Of course, there are things you would have done differently. But you can't, and that's okay because you are destined to live in the brilliant possibilities of your future, not the past. When the Sun returns to Leo on Monday, July 22, your sign will focus on everything new. Promise yourself that you will no longer dwell on questions of "can" and "should". All you have is the present moment, and it's time to start a new era of your life. Everything you have been secretly planning is now becoming a reality. You will be directed forward and towards further success. Take this sign of the universe seriously: what matters now is what you do to shape the future you dream of.


A lucky day: July 25

Leave room for the unexpected. While your plans for success are often precise and well thought out, remember that sometimes there is another path to greatness. As Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday, July 25, it brings a host of good deals, each blessed with happiness and abundance. Be open to new opportunities. These unexpected twists and turns can lead you to exactly what you've been trying to accomplish, even if it doesn't happen the way you expected. Get out of your comfort zone. Wealth, success, and greater satisfaction are waiting for you – you just need to be willing to say yes to life's surprises.


It's a lucky day: July 21

The deep truth within you can help you discern what is meant for you and what is not. To harness this energy, trust yourself, especially when it comes to distinguishing between no and yes. Focus on intuition rather than logic or practicality. The full moon in Capricorn on Sunday, July 21, highlights this inner voice, encouraging you to listen to how your nervous system reacts to different situations. Believe in your divine dreams and the help from the universe. The more you trust yourself without hesitation, the more you will be able to manifest your desires.


It's a lucky day: July 26

Promise yourself that you will not doubt your self-esteem. You've made great progress in this area over the past year by setting boundaries, believing in yourself, and realizing that your dreams are what you deserve. As Chiron turns retrograde in Aries on July 26, further healing is possible, allowing you to gain even more confidence. This healing will help you realize the life of your dreams. Chiron's influence also opens the door to wealth, abundance, and even the recognition you've been secretly hoping for. Great things are waiting for you. Don't waste energy asking if you deserve them - accept your value and the abundance it brings.

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