What alcohol is suitable for weight loss and what will add pounds: a list

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Some cocktails are worst enemies of the waistline, while others, on the contrary, will help you lose weight

Many people are afraid to start the process of losing weight because they are frightened by the prospect of feeling hungry and having to give up their favorite foods and drinks. This applies in particular to alcohol, as it is an axiom of nutrition that alcoholic beverages are very high in calories. In addition, the consumption of such drinks is often accompanied by snacks, which also contain a lot of calories and are difficult to stop eating. However, don't be too upset, there is a whole list of drinks that can be consumed in moderation during a diet.

Everyday Health has compiled a list of drinks that you can indulge in even when you're trying to lose weight. It also tells you what kind of alcohol you should avoid in the first place.

5 alcoholic beverages allowed for weight loss

Red dry wine (150 calories per 140 ml serving)

According to some reports, dry red wine can protect the cardiovascular system from diseases. This is already a plus. Although some researchers question this assumption. Nevertheless, nutritionists claim that this drink is compatible with the diet, if you do not exceed the dosage of 140-150 ml per day. But don't forget to include it in your calorie count.

Light beer (95-100 calories per 0.3 liters)

Beer with a reduced alcohol content (so-called light beer) also contains fewer calories than traditional beers. So, with dinner, you can easily afford a small glass of beer with a volume of no more than 0.3 liters. It will be a maximum of 100 calories.

Dry vermouth (105 calories per 90 ml)

Sweet vermouths are the most popular, as they taste really good but are a real calorie bomb. Instead, the dry version of the drink has a more refined and fresh taste and generally fits into the diet. In addition, some studies show that dry vermouth contains significantly more polyphenols than white wine. And these compounds help regulate metabolism and maintain weight. However, you should not rely on this advantage as a cure. This is just a small, very small side benefit.

Hard alcohol with ice or water (about 100 calories per 40 ml)

Regardless of whether you choose vodka or tequila, gin or whiskey, all of these drinks have about the same calorie content. Nutritionists advise consuming them with ice or diluted with water. In this case, the energy value of the drinks will remain constant. If you dilute strong alcohol with club soda or juice, the same 40 ml of alcohol will instantly turn from 100 calories to 300.

Brut champagne (85 calories per 110 ml)

Dry sparkling wine is one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic beverages if you stick to the recommended portion of about 110 ml. In addition, it is carbonated, which can create an additional illusion of satiety.

The 3 worst choices for alcoholic beverages while losing weight

Sweet cocktails (approximately 500 calories per 220 ml)

According to nutritionists, one standard Long Island Ice Tea is as caloric as two cheeseburgers from a popular fast food chain. Impressive, isn't it?

Cold beach cocktails (280 calories per 140 ml)

The picture of consuming a strawberry daiquiri or piña colada on a hot day at the beach may seem very appealing and even idyllic. Until you find out that one of these drinks contains as many as 280 calories. All because of the presence of sweet ingredients.

Craft beer (170 calories per 0.3 liters)

Craft beer often contains additional ingredients and carbohydrates compared to commercial beers. It is also often stronger than its factory counterparts. This is what makes craft beer so delicious. But also unsuitable for consumption during a diet.

An alternative to drinking

If you want to get rid of not only excess weight, but also the habit of relaxing with alcohol, you should pay attention to the so-called mocktails, which are non-alcoholic cocktails. They can be prepared on the basis of carbonated mineral water, which contains zero calories, or diet soda. And add slices of different fruits to them. For example, sparkling water with lime tastes very nice, and on a hot day you can add ice to it and it will look just like a beach cocktail. And you can drink it to your heart's content.

If you decide to have a night out with a drink while losing weight, then take advantage of a useful life hack - alternate an alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one. This way, you will reduce your calorie intake and avoid dehydration, as alcohol removes fluid from the body.

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