Ukrainian supermarkets "flooded" with Polish products: what is happening to the prices of domestic ones

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Ukrainian supermarkets are overwhelmed with Polish products
Ukrainian supermarkets are overwhelmed with Polish products. Source: ranker.com

In Ukraine, promotional discounts on domestic cheese are becoming more and more significant. The reason is that it is becoming more difficult to sell these products on the market. However, cheese makers continue to actively produce it as they consider it more profitable than the production of other dairy products. This is despite the fact that Ukraine has increased its imports of cheese (primarily from Poland), which is also sold at promotional prices en masse.

The situation on the market was reported by INFAGRO. They noted that:

  • sales managers must constantly work in promotions to get rid of stocks in warehouses;
  • promotional discounts can be quite significant.

"Such cheese is already becoming competitive with imported counterparts, which are also massively sold in promotions. Given the problem of sales in the domestic market and the devaluation of the hryvnia, cheese exports are becoming even more important for producers," the statement said.

At the same time, it is emphasized that "the production of semi-hard and white cheese in May could even increase." However, a lot of goods still have to be kept in warehouses, and therefore in June the production of such cheese "should be significantly reduced."

Ukraine has increased cheese imports

At the same time, Ukraine has increased its cheese imports. In particular, in January-April 2024, 11.5 thousand tons of the product were imported, which is 12.7% more than in the same period last year.

"Exports of Ukrainian cheeses increased by 38.5% in four months of 2024 compared to January-April 2023, reaching 3.6 thousand tons. In monetary terms, exports amounted to $15.7 million, which is 22.7% more than in January-April 2023," the analysts said.

At the same time, it is noted that Moldova became the largest buyer of Ukrainian cheeses in January-April 2024, buying 36.7% of the total volume. The leaders included:

  • Kazakhstan - 31.2%;
  • Germany - 12.4%.

At the same time, the sale of imported cheeses for shares, according to experts, indicates that Ukrainian products are imposing competition on them. Accordingly:

  • European suppliers seem to be less interested in supplying cheese to Ukraine;
  • in the future, they will not rush to increase the volume of imported products.

What kind of cheese can be bought in Ukrainian supermarkets with a special offer

According to OBOZ.UA's monitoring, Ukrainian supermarkets offer promotions on cheeses of different varieties. For example:

  • Novus sells Kroon Maasdam 45% cheese with a 29% discount, at 319 UAH/kg. The promotion will run until June 12;
Novus sells Kroon Maasdam 45% cheese with a 29% discount
  • ECOMarket - Lowicz Swiss hard cheese 45% with an 18% discount, at 269.9 UAH/kg. The offer is valid until June 11;
ECOMarket has a 45% discount on Lowicz Swiss hard cheese until June 11
  • Megamarket - Shostka cheese 50% with a 20% discount, at 339 UAH/kg. The offer is valid until June 30.
Megamarket sells Shostka 50% cheese with a 20% discount

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