Ukraine's accession to the EU will take several years: Stefanishyna reveals the timeline

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Olha Stefanishyna at the talks with the EU on June 25
Olha Stefanishyna at the talks with the EU on June 25. Source:

The start of official negotiations on Ukraine's membership in the European Union (EU) does not mean that the accession process will be completed quickly. Ukraine expects to fulfill all the requirements only by 2030.

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna, who heads the Ukrainian delegation to the EU-Ukraine Intergovernmental Conference. According to DW, the deadlines were announced before the conference.

"This is a historic moment for all of us, marking a new milestone in our relations. The accession negotiations we are starting today will be rigorous and time-consuming. We are confident in your ability to bring them to a successful conclusion with determination and dedication," said Hadja Lahbib, head of the European delegation, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium.

Thus, to successfully complete the negotiations with the EU, Ukraine has to implement changes in accordance with 33 chapters in six clusters defined by the negotiating framework. In this regard, Ukraine has to implement many reforms in various areas, from anti-corruption to taxation.

It is unclear how quickly all the conditions will be met. However, the experience of other countries shows that the entire accession process takes at least 5-8 years, which is generally in line with Stefanishyna's forecast.

Formally, there are three steps left to Ukraine's membership in the EU. These are:

  • the European Commission's conclusion on the successful completion of negotiations and Ukraine's compliance with the accession criteria;
  • the decision to sign the Agreement on Ukraine's accession to the EU;
  • ratification of the agreement by the parliaments of the EU member states and Ukraine's full membership in the EU.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the European Union started negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the bloc on June 25. This means the actual start of a new stage of Ukraine's European integration, which, however, may be delayed.

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