Tiny states: best sights of the world's smallest countries

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Interesting locations of the smallest countries in the world

It's simply impossible to travel around Poland, Switzerland, or Germany in a few days, no matter how much we want to. However, there are places that you can explore during a weekend. We are sharing these locations with you.


This tiny country is located in the South Pacific. Its area is only 21.3 square kilometers and less than 9 thousand people live on the island itself. Compared to this "baby", even Liechtenstein seems like a giant.

Nauru is a land of contrasts and lost traditions. By the way, although it is quite expensive, celebrities will definitely not choose this destination for their vacation. The fact is that it is not safe for tourists. Once upon a time, the country was very rich, but due to a whole bunch of circumstances, everything has changed.

About 100 years ago, phosphates were found on the territory of Nauru. World leaders began to actively mine them, and when they ran out of minerals, they packed their bags and fled. That's how the richest island became poor in a flash. Only the terrain, strewn with deep pits, reminds us of its former "glory."

Nevertheless, it is worth a visit to soak up the sun, swim in the warm water, and walk through the exotic forests.

Tiny states: best sights of the world's smallest countries

Vatican City

The only city-state in the world. Despite its size, it is known in every corner of the planet, which is not surprising because you will not find such a concentration of attractions in one place anywhere else.

You should start exploring the Vatican from St. Peter's Square. In its very center is the Egyptian Obelisk, 35 meters high. The column is made of pink granite and decorated with a golden ball. It is said that the remains of the famous Roman ruler Julius Caesar are hidden in it.

There are two fountains around the perimeter of the square: Moderno and Bernini, which fit perfectly into the architectural ensemble of the square. Another attraction is St. Peter's Cathedral. It is the largest Christian church in Europe. Many famous architects worked on the shrine. And the dome was recreated by Michelangelo himself. It took the famous sculptor more than 18 years to create this beauty. The artist also painted the Sistine Chapel, which is located very close to this prayer room.

Tiny states: best sights of the world's smallest countries

Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

This small country is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean. Although it has only two islands, there are plenty of opportunities for recreation. Here you can surf, sail, scuba dive, fish, and more.

But that's not all. Even history buffs have plenty to do here. For example, visit museums. You won't believe it, but there are more than enough of them. We advise you to walk along the old streets, where buildings built in the Georgian style flaunt one in front of the other. They were built in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Tiny states: best sights of the world's smallest countries

San Marino

Another tiny state with the smallest population in Europe. At the same time, it is one of the richest countries in the world.

It is the oldest independent state. It adopted its constitution back in 1600. Thus, it's worth going here to immerse yourself in history, traditions, and culture. This republic really has something to tell and show. There are even monuments from the year 301.

Kilometer-long walls stretch along the perimeter of the republic's territory, which once protected the locals from enemies. There are also three fortresses built on the cliffs. The Citadel of Cesta has now been transformed into the Museum of Ancient Weapons. Guaita once served as a prison, and now it houses exhibition halls. Montale is now closed, but no one forbids you to walk nearby. Moreover, the most beautiful church in the country, the Basilica of San Marino, is located just below.

Tiny states: best sights of the world's smallest countries

These small states are rich in historical attractions and places for a good vacation. See for yourself: take your tickets and go to the country that you like the most.

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