"This is nonsense": Russia panicked over blue and yellow curb and accused an Asian worker of "sabotage". Video

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A "sabotage" took place in Novosibirsk. Source: rosmedia

Residents of the terrorist country of Russia threw a tantrum over blue and yellow paint on a curb. Utilities had to explain themselves to the residents of a high-rise building in Novosibirsk.

Moreover, a resident of one of the Asian countries turned out to be "guilty" of painting the curb. This was reported by Russian Telegram channels.

Local residents on Tankova Street complained about the "sabotage". The Russians were outraged that the curb was painted in blue and yellow colors. Due to the hysteria of the homeowners, the representative of the management company had to explain the situation.

The head of the Doverie company, Vladimir Simonov, said that after complaints from local residents, the curb was being repainted in other colors. He also revealed that one of the workers, whom he called "an ally from Asia," was responsible for the situation.

"They took five colors of paint to paint the benches and curbs there. And we have a worker, as I call him, an ally from Asia, and he took these two colors. I thought something came to mind that yellow and blue would be nice, so I took it and painted it out of the blue," Simonov said.

The management company also apologized to local residents. They said that they were against such colors of the curb and called the situation "nonsense." Simonov added that now the curb will be red and blue, and the "guilty" person will be held accountable.

As a reminder, after U.S. President Joe Biden signed a law providing military assistance to Ukraine, Russians threw another tantrum online.

Earlier it was reported that Russian propagandists, who rejoice after every strike on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, threw a tantrum over ATACMS missiles. The Kremlin's mouthpieces are frantically discussing where Ukrainian soldiers will now be able to strike.

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