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Short haircuts and trendy coloring add volume
Short haircuts and trendy coloring add volume

The cause of dull hair lacking volume is most often a bad haircut. Owners of sparse hair complain that the styling does not last even an hour after visiting the hairdresser.

Stylists recommend not letting go of the length, abandoning straight bangs and haircuts designed for thickness. OBOZREVATEL has collected hairstyles that will add volume to sparse and heavy hair.

  • Classic bob, and pixie for the brave
Square and pixie cut are made for fine hair

If you lose more than 100 hairs a day, you should consult a trichologist. Owners of thin hair should choose haircuts with the simplest possible silhouette. The bob and the sensor are considered to be the best options. A short pixie will be the most successful.

  • Bob-cut or elongated bob
Bob-cut adds volume

Any asymmetrical haircut will make your hair look more voluminous. The list includes the bob and the "torn" elongated bob. These hairstyles require almost no styling or styling products if the hairdresser has created them correctly.

  • Highlighted strands near the face
Highlighted strands add volume

For girls who don't want to say goodbye to their length, hairdressers have invented another way to add volume to their hair. It's about highlighting a few strands near the face. In 2023, air-touch or balayage coloring is at its peak of popularity.

Stylists make the transition of a light shade to a darker one brighter, which gives the hair texture. However, lightening is contraindicated for owners of dry or damaged hair.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about the three best haircuts for women 50+ . Stylists have invented a way to add volume and revitalize hair.

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