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Symmetrical hairstyles age you
Symmetrical hairstyles age you

Young women without any signs of aging on their faces can look 10-15 years older. The wrong hairstyle may be to blame.

After the age of 40, it is important to choose a haircut and decide on a style that will emphasize your advantages and hide your disadvantages. OBOZREVATEL talks about hairstyles that are hopelessly aging and give off bad taste.

  • Straight bangs
Straight bangs add age

Some women believe that thick bangs with a straight cut will hide wrinkles. However, they add more years than some creases on the forehead. A bob with symmetrical bangs adds weight.

Stylists recommend giving preference to a lush hairstyle with "torn" strands. The bangs should also be asymmetrical and light, on the side or on both sides as a trendy curtain bang.

  • Long hair with an even cut
Symmetrical haircuts add age

Some women believe that long hair rejuvenates. However, this is a myth. If you don't have thick and healthy hair, you shouldn't grow it longer. Strands lacking volume and density, on the contrary, give away age.

  • Symmetrical haircuts
A bob without bangs adds age

Symmetrical haircuts look very simple and emphasize all the flaws. A straight cut is not suitable for women with a round face.

Hairstyles without bangs cannot hide wrinkles, which is why they visually add age. To look a little younger than your age, it is better to make "torn" bangs.

  • Gavroche
The hairstyle of the 70s is no longer in fashion

Daring hairstyles like the gavroche look great on bright women with a wild soul who wear bright makeup every day. However, it is not suitable for serious office workers who dress modestly and wear natural makeup. This type of contrast does not rejuvenate.

It is better to replace it with a pixie hairstyle, which is not only considered very relevant in recent seasons but also helps to lose a few years.

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