The magic of the Dnipro, atmospheric beaches, delicious cuisine and a kung fu school - discover Cherkasy

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The magic of the Dnipro, atmospheric beaches, delicious cuisine and a kung fu school - discover Cherkasy

The Blog360 team continues to travel around Ukraine. This time we visited Cherkasy. Luxurious beaches, cool parks, interesting museums, fantastic views of the majestic Dnipro River, and even a kung fu school. This is all about the city in the heart of Ukraine.

We began our exploration of Cherkasy with the Hill of Glory, a memorial that commemorates the residents of Cherkasy who died during World War II. Later, we visited the Square of Glory, where you can pay tribute to the fallen soldiers who fought for Ukrainian independence.

In the center of Cherkasy, we came across a Buddhist temple, which is considered one of the largest in Europe. Interestingly, there is a martial arts school here. It all started with a trip to Laos by the inspirer of the temple, Volodymyr Skubaiev. There he decided that upon his return to Ukraine he would open a kung fu school. This location is shrouded in many legends and a mystical atmosphere.

Cherkasy impressed us with its beaches and landscapes. Perhaps the best panorama of the Dnipro River in Ukraine can be seen from the Ferris wheel in the Sosnovyi Bir park. The Kremenchuk Reservoir is in the palm of your hand! If you visit Cherkasy one day, be sure to see this beauty with your own eyes.

Developing the theme of Cherkasy beaches, it is worth noting that we are very fond of sapboarding. At Cherkasy SUP Station, located on Mytnytsia Beach, we let our hair down and had a great time on the sapa. If you've heard a lot about it, wanted to try it for a long time, but kept putting it off, this is your chance.

In Cherkasy, we visited half a dozen establishments and each of them pleased us: The Room with aromatic coffee and sweets, Pasta la Vista baby with top Italian dishes, Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza with its signature pizza, Daddy Smoke with its beautiful landscape and delicious grill menu.

Two of the most famous figures who were born in Cherkasy are Taras Shevchenko and Vasyl Symonenko. There are many references to both prominent people in Cherkasy museums, in particular, in the local history and art museums. There are also thousands of truly unique exhibits. Art, archeology, ethnography, historical heritage, and the modern period are all housed in these buildings, which are simply impossible to explore in a day.

Cherkasy has its style and unique vibe: a combination of conservatism, simplicity, coziness, and a sense of the depth of historical heritage. Thanks to Cherkasy, we have noticed that cities with large bodies of water live their own special life. There is a beautiful promenade, fantastic views, lots of smiling children having fun on the beaches, jumping off the pier, and fishing. Residents of such cities are just happy because there is water nearby. And it fills these cities and these people with some special energy and lightness. And these people seem even happier.

Travel and get to know Ukraine!

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