The main border crossing point with Poland remains open, but protesters plan to resume the blockade: what to prepare for

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Poles continue blockade of Ukraine's border
Poles continue blockade of Ukraine's border

The Yagodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint remains open despite a court ruling on the legality of the blockade. The mayor of Dorohusk, who canceled the strike of Polish carriers, has one day to file an appeal.

Andrii Demchenko, a spokesman for the State Border Guard Service, said that three checkpoints remained blocked during the TV marathon. The blockade has not yet been lifted at Dorohusk. There are still 1,200 trucks passing through every day (as before the blockade).

The queue is already 2,600 vehicles at the three checkpoints blocked by the protesters. As early as December 18, Polish carriers may resume the blockade of checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.

They want to resume the blockade

A court in Poland has overturned the decision of the mayor of the Gmina Dorohusk, Wojciech Sawa, which prohibited carriers from striking on the border with Ukraine. Now the carriers are going to block truck traffic through the largest checkpoint, Yagodyn-Dorogusk, once again.

This was stated by Rafał Mekler, a Polish politician from the far-right Ruch Narodowy party, who represents the striking carriers. "They canceled the decision of the mayor of the Gmina Dorohusk. We are returning to the border!" Mekler wrote on his X (formerly Twitter) page and posted a photo from the court.

The Yagodyn-Dorohusk border crossing point was unblocked by the decision of the local authorities on December 11. On December 13, the strikers requested a new permit to protest and were denied. It has not yet been reported whether the current court decision to cancel this decision can be appealed.

Over the past day, more than 1,200 trucks have crossed the Yagodyn crossing. Most of them were heading towards Ukraine. Thus, the crossing point has almost reached the level of truck traffic that was before the Polish border blockade began on November 6. However, drivers still had to wait for tens of hours in lines from Poland.

The Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint is the largest on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Under normal conditions without the blockade, about 40% of the total freight traffic between Ukraine and Poland passes through it per day.

Meanwhile, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has promised that when he re-heads the country's government, the problem of blocking the border with Ukraine will be solved by the Poles themselves. However, he did not name any specific steps to achieve this.

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