Celebrities love them: 4 hairstyles for dirty hair that will be trendy in winter

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Dirty hair can be styled in style

It's hard to imagine but you can make a stylish hairstyle out of dirty hair that looks elegant and sophisticated. The most famous celebrities appear in public with these trendy hairstyles that require only styling products and a comb.

The "glassy" effect they create on the head looks spectacular and masks strands that have not been refreshed. The Bustle website told us about the most fashionable hairstyle options for winter 2024, having previously asked the opinion of celebrity stylist Laura Polko, who does celebrities' hair.

The biggest advantage of these styles is their simpleness. Before you get started, you need to prepare foam, varnish, and other styling products that are suitable for your hair texture.


There is a huge difference between a regular ponytail and the stylish styling that is shown on the red carpet. This difference is the "licked" hair at the roots. All you need to do is comb the strands and apply foam to them, and then fix them with an elastic band.

Celebrities often make stylish hairstyles by gathering hair

Ballerina bun

The technique of the trendy bun, which is often done by ballerinas, is the same as the ponytail. You need to comb your hair thoroughly so that there are no sticking out hairs and varnish it. After that, you can secure the bun, for example, with a hair clip. It doesn't matter how low or high the hairstyle is.

Hailey Bieber is the ''ambassador'' of the ballerina bun

"Wet" styling

This hairstyle became popular a few seasons ago when celebrities started to organize photo shoots with "wet" hair. Styling as if after swimming will be the perfect way to disguise dirty hair.

To do this, you need a fixing foam. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of product so that the strands do not stick together and look a little "wet".

''Wet'' styling disguises dirty hair


Finally, fashionistas were advised to recall a simple hairstyle that almost everyone wore as a child: braid. Regular one has long been back in fashion, and recently, American actress and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian showed how stylish a single braid can look if you braid it tightly and fixate at the roots.

Kim Kardashian shows how to update a braid stylishly

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