Small Baltic countries with great tourism potential: where to go and what to see

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What to see in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

The popularity of the Baltic countries among tourists cannot go unnoticed. More and more travelers are choosing this region for their vacations. If you want to explore something new and atypical, go to Northern Europe, where a real winter fairy tale awaits you.

And we'll tell you which locations to visit there!


A small country with great tourist potential. Despite its size, it has many attractions that cannot be seen on weekends. Therefore, if you plan a trip here, you should have a week or more to spare.

Traditionally, we recommend that you start exploring the country from its capital, Vilnius. As soon as you arrive here, go to the Old Town, which is considered the best preserved among European cities. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We must warn you right away: your eyes will run in different directions and from one Gothic building to another. Moreover, each one will seem better than the last.

Must-see locations: Vilnius Cathedral, St. Anne's Church, the Presidential Palace, and the Jewish neighborhoods.

When you've had enough of walking the streets of the center, head to Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania. For lovers of architectural masterpieces, the region will be a real find. Different styles coexist here, including Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance. This is a land of exhibition halls, shrines, and ancient royal castles. While you're here, visit the Pazaislis Monastery, Kaunas Cathedral Basilica, and the Devil's Museum.

If you are drawn to nature, there are plenty of places to go here as well. We strongly recommend heading to the Curonian Spit with its sand dunes and the Hill of Crosses, a sacred place for pilgrims.

Small Baltic countries with great tourism potential: where to go and what to see


Another small country in Northern Europe that will amaze tourists with its locations. This country has a very developed economy and infrastructure, so every guest will feel comfortable. You can start exploring the country from the capital or from famous resorts.

Let's start with the latter, Jurmala. This is a land of virgin forests and icy water of the Baltic Sea. Since the flora and fauna are the main gems of the region, we advise you not to hesitate and go explore them. To do this, just go for a walk to the Gauja National Park and conquer the Zvārtes Rock, the most famous attraction of the reserve.

If this trip is not enough, visit the Dzintari Forest Park. It is located in the very center. Don't forget to walk along Jomas Street, visit the open-air street museum, and admire the facade of the Guesthouse Airava.

Next up is Riga, the capital of Latvia. Among other cities in the Baltic states, it is significantly different in its architectural heritage as it has long been influenced by German culture. Rest assured: no building will let you look down.

Start your exploration with the famous Kalnciema Quarter. Every Saturday, craft fairs are held here, where handmade products are sold. From there, take a leisurely stroll to the Town Hall Square, a place where Latvian life is in full swing. To keep warm and have a good time, go to the exhibition halls. We recommend visiting the Slazds Gallery, the Aspasia House, and the Maritime Pavilion.

The last Latvian region we would like to mention is Cēsis. Here are the ruins of the ancient castle of the same name, which was once the residence of the masters of the Livonian Order. These ruined walls are worth seeing.

Small Baltic countries with great tourism potential: where to go and what to see


The smallest state among the Baltic states. Just like Ukraine, it fought for its independence for a long time and gained it only in 1991. Years of freedom have done it good. Today it is an economically developed country with its own history and cultural heritage.

We start our trip in the capital, Tallinn. We immediately head to the Old Town district. Here, as expected, you will find the Town Hall, beautiful houses and many cafes where you can taste national cuisine. By the way, among the many establishments on the Main Square, tourists love the medieval pub called The Third Dragon. The main feature of the pub is that there is no electricity. The room is lit with candles only.

When you've filled your stomach, go to satisfy your brain. First of all, you should sign up for an excursion to the Maritime Museum. Next, head to the Telliskivi Creative City and the KUMU Gallery, which has collections of exhibits from the pre-war, Soviet and modern periods of art.

The resort town of Haapsalu is a two-hour drive from Tallinn. Once you get here, you feel like you are in a movie. The colorful narrow streets paved with cobblestones, wooden buildings and the incredible beauty of the ancient castle dating back to the XIII century are fascinating.

Be sure to visit Pärnu, Otepää, Rakvere, Viljandi, Kuressaare and Toompea.

Small Baltic countries with great tourism potential: where to go and what to see

The Baltic States are still an unexplored land for many travelers. Don't miss the opportunity to get to know each country a little better, buy tickets and go on a trip!

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