Scientists have created a killer drone with AI that can recognize a victim's face in hours

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The drone in the air

The latest technologies are developing at an impressive pace. Recently, scientists have created a killer drone in just a few hours that can recognize a victim's face using artificial intelligence.

The small drone can not only target people using facial recognition but also pursue the victim at high speed. Scientists emphasize that there are currently no means of defense against such weapons. The details were reported by Livescience.

Luis Venus, an entrepreneur and engineer, has connected an artificial intelligence (AI) system to a small drone to chase people. The scientist warned that it takes only a few hours to set up a small commercially available drone and hunt a target on its own.

Working with another engineer, Robert Lukoszko, Venus customized the drone's functionality to detect objects. The facial recognition function works at a distance of up to 10 meters, meaning that an armed version of the drone can be used to attack a specific person.

Venus expressed alarm at how easy it was to make such a weapon.

"It only took us a few hours. I realized how scary it is. You can easily attach a small amount of explosives to a drone. Currently, there are no systems in place to protect public spaces from such drones," Venus said.

The engineer emphasized that he would not publish any code related to this experiment. He also warned that it is possible that a terrorist attack could be organized using this technology soon. Deep technical knowledge is required to develop the system, but it will become easier and easier to write software over time, partly due to the progress of AI as a code assistant.

The point of the experiment is that there is an urgent need to create anti-drone defense systems, for example, for important facilities or civilian premises where large crowds can gather. According to Robin Radar, society can create several countermeasures, including cameras, acoustic sensors, and radars to detect drones. Technologies such as radio frequency jammers, GPS spoofers, network guns, and high-energy lasers may be needed.

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