Russians executed 61 Ukrainian prisoners of war and tortured many others - Prosecutor General Kostin

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Kostin talks about torture of Ukrainian prisoners of war. Source: Army inform

The Russian occupiers executed at least 61 Ukrainian prisoners of war. In total, 2200 victims have been identified who were subjected to torture and inhuman treatment in Russian captivity.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin said this during a national TV marathon. He clarified that 27 criminal proceedings are being investigated into the execution of Ukrainian servicemen, and 4 Russian servicemen have been notified of suspicion. The indictments against 2 people have already been sent to court, and one verdict has already been passed.

Kostin emphasized that everyone who was in Russian captivity was subjected to ill-treatment or torture. The Kremlin's prisoners are subjected to violence, in particular, for speaking Ukrainian. At the same time, those who have returned from captivity say that they have repeatedly witnessed the killing of prisoners by Russians.

"More than 2,200 Ukrainian defenders have been recognized as victims in the proceedings on their captivity. More than 500 of them testified to the use of physical violence against them during enemy interrogations, including torture with electric shocks," the Prosecutor General said.

According to him, there are at least 25 facilities in 15 regions of the Russian Federation where Ukrainian prisoners of war are held. More than 450 criminal proceedings have been registered in Ukraine over the ill-treatment of prisoners of war.

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