Russian tourists kicked out of a temple in Bali for violating the dress code: they came in "underwear and bikinis" and threw a tantrum

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Russian tourists kicked out of a temple in Bali

Russian tourists have once again disgraced themselves abroad. This time, a family from the terrorist country was kicked out of the Besakih temple complex in Bali for not following the dress code. Moreover, it turned out that the Russians had entered the territory through the back door to avoid paying for an entrance ticket. Instead of admitting guilt and apologizing, the unwanted guests from Russia, of course, threw a tantrum.

This was reported by the Indonesian news outlet Liputan6. They clarified that the attention of security guards from the local rural community was drawn to people in "underwear and bikinis." The police later found out that they were citizens of the aggressor state.

The incident took place at the most revered shrine on Mount Agung. The Russian family of two adults and five children decided to come to the place in shorts and T-shirts, and one child, according to witnesses, was wearing only a bathing suit.

After a remark about inappropriate clothing for visiting the temple, to which the Russians did not respond, once again demonstrating their disrespect for the traditions and cultures of other peoples, they were asked to show their entrance tickets.

Russian tourists kicked out of a temple in Bali for violating the dress code: they came in ''underwear and bikinis'' and threw a tantrum

It turned out that the tourists did not have tickets, as they had entered the territory through one of the service entrances in the unguarded forest area. This shameful act did not embarrass the Russians, so when they were calmly asked to leave, the head of the family began to argue hysterically with the guards.

"He was pointing at the pilgrims who were passing by, asking if everyone here had paid for the entrance," the source said.

For your understanding, foreigners are charged 90 thousand Indonesian rupiahs for a tour in this place, which is only 225 hryvnias. For this money, tourists are provided with a sarong, a piece of cloth traditionally wrapped around men and women, as well as a guide and transfer. However, the Russians spared this money and appeared on the temple grounds in "underwear and bikinis."

Moreover, as it turned out, the authorities have banned all walks on the trails on Mount Agung for foreigners from March 17 to April 14 during Hindu ceremonies.

It is not yet known whether the Russian tourists will be charged with non-compliance with local customs.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, earlier in Thailand, a Russian tourist named Elena Kupriyanova attacked a pregnant owner of a family cafe. The woman, who was eight months pregnant, was kicked in the groin by a citizen of the aggressor country, and all because of a simple request to take off her shoes before entering the establishment.

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