Russia attacks Ukrainian thermal power plant: three mines and thousands of consumers lost power

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Russian Federation attacks thermal power plant in the frontline region of Ukraine
Russian Federation attacks thermal power plant in the frontline region of Ukraine

Yesterday, October 30, the terrorist country Russia attacked a thermal power plant in Donetsk region. It happened in the evening. Three coal mines and 18.3 thousand consumers in 35 settlements were left without electricity. There were also interruptions in heat supply in the village near the plant.

As of the morning of October 31, the mines have been connected to the electricity supply, the Energy Ministry said. The terrorist shelling severely damaged the equipment, DTEK said.

"Immediately after the shelling stopped, DTEK's power engineers started active work to eliminate the consequences. Now they are making every effort to restore power supply to Ukrainians' homes as soon as possible," the company added.

Ukrenergo assured that as of 11.00 am on October 31, the TPP had returned to operation. However, the equipment is still being repaired.

At the same time, no scheduled blackouts were introduced in Ukraine. The generation is still sufficient to meet the needs of consumers.

Earlier, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, MP Serhiy Nagornyak, said that power outages in Ukraine are possible as early as November, even without massive Russian attacks on infrastructure. We are talking about scheduled blackouts in the regions, and a global blackout in the country is unlikely to happen even in the event of a shelling of the energy sector.

However, Ukrainians need to prepare for periodic blackouts. According to Nagornyak, scheduled blackouts in November may begin due to a shortage of electricity as the weather changes.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Russia damaged 270 energy facilities in Ukraine during last year's shelling. This is about 50% of the country's entire energy system. In the first "season" of such attacks, losses amounted to $9 billion.

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