Happy together. The Miroshnichenkos spent the first weekend with their adopted daughter and delighted the network with a video

The Miroshnychenkos spent their first weekend together as a family

TV presenter Timur Miroshnichenko's family spent the weekend together for the first time - the six of them. On June 27, the showman's wife, lawyer Inna, became a mother for the fourth time. The family adopted a girl. The children quickly became friends and found a common language.

The couple shared their adventures on InstaStories. So far, the kids are getting acquainted with a new family member, who is the oldest among them. Earlier, Inna Miroshnychenko said that her adopted daughter should be 8-10 years old. And although her age is more or less known, the couple has not yet shown the child's face, nor has it disclosed her name.

The girl quickly found a common language with the couple's biological daughter, 6-year-old Mia. They started playing together, and the younger child started sharing her toys.

In several videos, the girls are seen walking around the apartment together in "children's" heels. "This is me and my friend in 2015. We're going to a bar at 11:50 p.m.," Miroshnichenko ironically captioned the video and added: "When you're a mom of two.

She showed that, despite the understanding between the children, difficulties still arise in the form of tantrums and whims. This can be clearly seen in the video, where the daughters are riding swings, and while 4-year-old Mark is riding a scooter, 3-year-old Marcel, who was taken from the orphanage last year, "demands" a third swing from his parents.

"Now walks look like this," the lawyer wrote.

In addition to walking outdoors, the children also spent time at home watching cartoons. While the boys imagined their mother's legs running on high-speed tracks, the girls had a snack of cookies in front of the TV.

In particular, the children have already shown the new family member their favorite summer activity - riding on lawns. All you need is a small slope and some grass.

Timur Miroshnichenko shared an insight. He noted that the whole family and even three scooters can fit in the elevator so far. However, parents need to stand in the corners so as not to disturb the kids.

"It's okay as long as everyone fits in the elevator," the celebrity dad joked.

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