Not at night: when to water your lawn during hot days

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In the heat of the day, you need to be especially careful when caring for your lawn. Source: Created with the help of AI

In the summer heat, it is impossible to maintain good lawn condition without regular watering. But improper care can actually cause even more damage to the grass.

Experts from a British lawn care company told us how to properly water plants in the hottest weather. And what you should and shouldn't do to make them look their best.

How to choose the right time for watering

Grass needs additional water when the temperature exceeds +20 degrees C. When it gets hotter than +25 and it stops raining, watering becomes a matter of lawn survival.

To find out if your lawn needs additional watering, conduct a bounce test. Stand on the lawn and then immediately step off. If the grass easily returns to an upright position, it does not need additional moisture at this time. If it crumples, it is time to adjust the moisture regime.

Choose the right time to apply water. Do not do it during the day. Firstly, the water will evaporate too quickly, and secondly, the active sun's rays, passing through the water droplets, will leave burns on the grass.

Watering the lawn at night is also not worth it. It will remain wet for too long, which can provoke the development of fungal infections and plant decay.

Try to water your lawn early in the morning, ideally before sunrise, and late in the evening when the sun has already set. Alternatively, you can purchase a timed sprinkler that will do everything for you at a specific time.

Avoid fertilizing

In hot weather, it is best to postpone fertilizing your lawn. No matter how safe a mixture you choose, it still needs to be spilled with water. And under the scorching sun, this combination will only increase the risk of burns on the grass.

Do not walk on the lawn

Hot weather puts the grass under stress, and intensive movement on it only makes the situation worse. Try to avoid walking on the lawn as much as possible in the heat if you want to preserve it. Moreover, compacting the surface of your lawn can lead to the formation of more moss and straw, and waterlogging. And in some cases, it can slow down grass growth.

Refrain from mowing the grass

Give your mower a rest until the heat dies down. Longer blades of grass create a shadow that helps retain moisture in the soil, while too short grass quickly turns into straw.

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