Road to paradise: a spring trip through Scotland

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What to see in Scotland

The land of fog often scares travelers away. Although it is washed by two seas and the Atlantic Ocean, it cannot offer tourists a beach vacation. That's why it's avoided and often underestimated. But imagine: there are about 3,000 castles in a tiny area the size of three Ukrainian regions. And the number of natural wonders here is untold.

To know what to see there, read on!


The capital of the country is located on three hills, which are permeated by the River Leith. The city has managed to preserve its historical and cultural heritage. The number of attractions per square meter is simply amazing.

Go to the local castle, which is perfectly preserved to this day. The fortress stands on a volcanic rock called The Castle Rock. By the way, the fortification stopped performing its defensive functions in 1915. Nowadays it receives tourists from all over the world.

Harry Potter fans should go to Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery. This is where Tom Riddle's tombstone is located.

Don't forget about the National Scottish Gallery. It houses the largest collection of European paintings. Visit the National Museum too. By the way, it is among the top most visited in the world. Archaeological finds, works of art, science and technology are preserved within its walls. You can also see a stuffed animal of the famous Dolly the sheep.

Road to paradise: a spring trip through Scotland

Isle of Arran

The island is located in the west of the country in the picturesque Firth of Clyde. It is connected to the mainland by several ferry crossings. The main one runs from Ardrossan, a small Scottish town. This piece of land stands out among others for its unique flora and fauna and also for its short routes. Most of the attractions are located within a 30-minute drive.

First of all, go to the remains of the Machrie Moor stone circles, which have been here since the Bronze Age. Go to Brodick, the largest village on Arran. Here you can immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of Scotland. You can also see the castle of the same name, surrounded by an incredible island park. By the way, it is the only one in the whole of Britain.

Lovers of spirits should definitely take a tour of the local distillery. It is within its walls that the famous Arran Gold cream liqueur is produced. Of course, you will have the opportunity to taste the drink and buy a bottle as a gift.

To explore the area, avid tourists advise renting a bicycle. In their opinion, this is the best way to get to know the unexplored nature.

Road to paradise: a spring trip through Scotland

Mousa Island

An uninhabited piece of land with an area of only 1.8 square kilometers can surprise all connoisseurs of defense buildings. It is home to an example of an Iron Age defensive building - the Broch of Mousa - which is the tallest broch that has survived to this day. It is still not known when the tower was built. However, most historians believe that it was born in 100 BC.

Road to paradise: a spring trip through Scotland

Isle of Man

The island has several picturesque villages and a town called Tobermory, famous for its local whiskey. The only way to get here is by ferry. However, such restrictions have never deterred tourists who wanted to see Duart Castle, the residence of the Maclean clan.

By the way, boats leave for the island from three points: Oban, Loch and Kilchoman. It is better to find out about the availability of seats in advance as the location is very popular among travelers.

Road to paradise: a spring trip through Scotland

Loch Ness

It is simply impossible to avoid the world-famous reservoir. It is said to be home to a monster that has been scaring locals and tourists alike for centuries.

But it's not just the mysterious monster that makes it worth a visit. It offers incredible views as well.

Road to paradise: a spring trip through Scotland

Isle of Skye

Fans of board games have long been familiar with this name. The board game of the same name offers to become the king of a picturesque piece of land, overcoming all the leaders. Nothing can compare to a real trip to these lands. People come here to admire the unique nature. It is not surprising because this corner is officially recognized as the most beautiful in the whole of Scotland.

We recommend climbing to the highest point of the island, Mount Cuillin, and visiting Dunvegan Castle. By the way, the complex is still privately owned. It belongs to the McCloud clan.

When looking for a country for your next trip, take a closer look at Scotland. Its unspoiled nature and ancient buildings will amaze you to the core. Enjoy your trip!

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