Record losses of mobilized and not only: Russia summed up the results of the war with Ukraine in 2023

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Losses of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine

The Russian media summarized the results of the war with Ukraine in 2023 and found that the terrorist state lost one and a half times as many soldiers as in the first year of the full-scale invasion . They claim that the total number of liquidated occupants is 40 thousand people, of whom 15,520 went to the "Kobzon concert" in 2022 and 24,100 in 2023.

The list of the dead was analyzed by the BBC Russian Service together with Mediazone and a group of volunteers. The investigators recognized that the actual number of casualties was much higher.

Statistics of occupants' losses as of December 2023

It is noted that this year, for example, the number of casualties of "mobiks" who were taken by the Russian command from civilian life to the war has increased sharply. They account for two-thirds of all the identified dead. This is mainly due to the fact that unprepared people are thrown to the front, neglecting even the 3-week training promised during mobilization. The training process often takes several days.

According to media reports, last year a typical Russian occupier whose death was confirmed by investigators was only 21 years old. He was a contract soldier, most often a paratrooper, motorized rifleman, or marine.

This year, an average of 34-year-old occupants died. They were sent to the front directly from the colony, and recruited by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to the media, the occupiers suffered the greatest losses during the entire period of the war this winter, during the offensive in Donbas. Journalists have determined that from mid-December to March, the rate of increase in losses was twice the average for 2022. The main reason is the tactical mistakes of the invaders' command.

As a reminder, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Defense Forces have eliminated 351,350 enemy personnel during the full-scale war with Russia, which has been going on for 22 months. At least 1080 occupants were neutralized over the past day. The soldiers also canceled another 108 units of weapons and military equipment of the invaders.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- "On December 22, the Defense Forces shot down three supersonic Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers, which are among the newest in the Russian army, in the southern direction. This is how the defenders responded to the cynical message sent by the occupiers along with one of the "Shahed" at night.

- Lieutenant General Ihor Romanenko noted that on December 14, Russian dictator Putin announced the number of Russian troops in Ukraine at 617,000. Earlier, he had said a completely different figure - 440,000, and it is probably closer to reality.

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