Polish drivers pretend to be Ukrainians to avoid paying fines: The media revealed the scheme

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A scheme has been invented in Poland to avoid paying fines
A scheme has been invented in Poland to avoid paying fines

Polish drivers have come up with a way to avoid a fine after a traffic violation is photographed. After receiving a report, the Poles indicate that the car was allegedly driven by a citizen of Ukraine or Belarus at the time of the violation. As a result, the Polish police cannot identify the offender and issue a fine because they do not have access to the relevant databases.

This was reported by the Rzeczpospolita publication. The scheme became popular after the increase in fines for drivers.

Previously, if the car owner did not name the offender, the police automatically fined the owner 500 zlotys (about 4,700 UAH). Many motorists did this, for example, to avoid receiving penalty points.

But as soon as the fines became many times higher – 2000-4000 zlotys (up to 38 thousand UAH ) – this option became unprofitable. Now, it is more profitable for drivers to indicate the person who was driving when the traffic rules were violated.

"However, the creativity of Poles knows no bounds. They take advantage of a loophole in the legal system or rather the lack of effective systems for exchanging personal data and information about drivers between the services of countries within the European Community and non-EU countries. They simply provide data about a person from a non-EU country. The services of countries such as Belarus and Ukraine cooperate with the Polish police, so it is not impossible to verify the veracity of information about a potential offender, but the likelihood of such an event is low. As a result, most cases of this type are discontinued when they reach the court," the publication explained.

However, if the data is found to be false, the car owner will face imprisonment for up to 3 years. Such a punishment is provided for in Part 1 of Article 233 of the Polish Criminal Code.

"Of course, not every driver tries to bend the rules. However, if someone receives a photo from a speed camera and does not provide the correct driver's data, they must take into account the consequences, unless they have rented the vehicle to a person who is not an EU citizen," the article says.

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