Poles temporarily unblock one of the checkpoints on the border with Ukraine: what is known

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Where Poles block the border the most
What is the current situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border?

Polish farmers have temporarily unblocked the Krakovets checkpoint. There is currently heavy truck traffic there.

Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service, said this on the air of the United News TV marathon. The checkpoints were unblocked for only 3 days as the farmers plan to resume the blockade there on March 13.

At the same time, about 1,700 trucks are queuing up at the other checkpoints. "On the night of March 8-9, they stopped their actions in the direction of the Krakovets checkpoint. This is temporary because they said they would resume their actions around the 13th," Demchenko said.

He added that the Polish protesters let a small number of trucks pass towards Ukraine. The Yagodyn and Shehyni checkpoints remain completely blocked.

According to the spokesperson, about 50 trucks crossed the border to Ukraine at the Yagodyn checkpoint over the past day. In turn, about 35 trucks crossed the border into Ukraine at the Shehyni checkpoint.

"Although the direction of the Krakovets checkpoint is unblocked and the traffic there is intense, there is still a queue of trucks. They are waiting on the territory of Poland to cross the border towards our country. It is about 600 trucks," the SBGS spokesman said.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk met with Polish farmers who staged protests and blocked the borders with Ukraine. No agreements were reached, so the blockade will continue.

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