Only geniuses can do it: an unusual math puzzle

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Puzzle. Source: Threads/@sarah_creates22

Math puzzles can be a real challenge for the brain. They require maximum concentration and the ability to think logically. Intellectual tasks stimulate the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for cognitive skills, among other things.

An interesting puzzle with numbers is gaining popularity online. Try to figure out the complicated pattern.

Only geniuses can do it: an unusual math puzzle

Puzzles stimulate memory and attentiveness. Researchers use puzzles and optical illusions to determine how the brain perceives and processes visual information.

Successfully solving complex problems promotes the production of dopamine, the hormone of joy and good mood.

In the picture, we see a wheel with numbers on it. In the center is the number 5. You need to determine which number should be in the place of the question mark.

You need to be very careful to quickly identify the pattern.

The correct answer

The unknown digit is in the upper half of the circle, and the digits at the top, multiplied by the center 5, give the number at the bottom of the circle. The opposite is also true. The numbers in the bottom half, divided by the capital 5, give the numbers in the top half.






The correct answer is 1.

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