Not only IT and military: to whom Ukraine is ready to pay salaries up to 60 thousand UAH per month

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Who is ready to pay high salaries
Who is ready to pay high salaries

In November, the average salary in Ukraine reached UAH 18.5 thousand, according to HR experts. However, employers are willing to pay much more - up to almost UAH 60 thousand - to a number of specialists. Among them are not only IT professionals, top managers, and the military - employers still lack doctors, representatives of blue-collar professions, and some narrow specialists from other fields.

This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by a major HR portal. Among the civilian professions, the highest salaries in November were:

  • 58,500 - media buyer;
  • 50,000 - endodontist;
  • 45,000 - international driver;
  • 40,000 - realtor;
  • 37,500 - a straightener;
  • 36,000 - business analyst;
  • 35,000 - media producer;
  • 34,000 - reinforcing steelworker;
  • 33,750 - car mechanic.

However, according to experts, salaries have increased the most in the category of "Security and safety" - by 19%. This is due to military recruitment. For example, here are the highly paid specialists that the army needs:

  • drone engineer, pilot (UAH 75,000);
  • communications specialist (UAH 67,500).

In IT, however, things are not going very smoothly, HR experts say. Competition in this area is 20 times higher than the national average, and the situation changes almost every week. If we compare the statistics by months, the number of responses to vacancies for some positions in IT changes by 30%, experts say.

As OBOZ.UA reported earlier, according to experts, in 2024, medical workers and psychological assistance specialists will be in demand in Ukraine. Builders and people with engineering specialties are already in demand. At the same time, experts in Ukraine talk about structural unemployment.

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