New opportunities or a pause: May 23 horoscope for all zodiac signs

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Some people will receive important news. Source: Photo created by AI

Gemini will have career opportunities. Virgos will take a break to rest.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olha Solomka has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for May 23 exclusively for AstroOBOZ. Find out what awaits you.


Today, you will receive news about your friends, and you may not like it too much. It's important to maintain a critical mindset and take your time sharing rumors. Check the information before sharing it to avoid misunderstandings.


You feel a surge of energy that allows you to surpass your achievements. You are inspired by your good mood and the goals you set for yourself. So it's no surprise that your productivity and enthusiasm will be extraordinary today.


Today you may have an opportunity for career advancement. Even if you're happy with your current job, you should consider new prospects that emerge, because they will be very profitable indeed.


Your professional skills will be extremely highly appreciated today. You will easily cope with work tasks, receive positive feedback and admiring compliments even from colleagues.


Your hard work is beginning to bear fruit. The plans and ideas you've been working on are turning into concrete results that contribute to both your high spirits and your further development.


After a busy start to the week, it's time for a little pause. Allow yourself to rest to gain strength before continuing to work on unfinished business. Or take at least half a day off.


Today you should keep your composure. There is a risk that stress can provoke an emotional reaction to provocations or injustice, and this will not end well. So keep your cool.


You've been restricting yourself for a long time, but today you can allow yourself more freedom. Relax and enjoy life, discarding unnecessary restrictions, do what you really want, but still allowed by law.


Your energy is increasing and you feel an incredible burst of energy. Use it to take action and realize your talents. It may make sense to tackle complex and troublesome issues that you haven't gotten around to for a long time.


You no longer want to be just one of many. Your desire to take a more important place in life is becoming so strong that you are no longer able to keep silent and are ready to declare your ambitions to the whole world.


Today, your priority is to carefully prepare for an important trip. Plan your route, take into account all the details and prepare the necessary documents and things. Even if the planned trip is postponed, your preparation will play an important role.


This is a great time to develop your financial skills. You can start planning your budget, keep track of your income and expenses, and identify strategies to achieve certain financial goals.

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