Mom came up with a clever toy to keep baby entertained on a plane or train: an invaluable lifehack

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Children are capricious in transportation because it is difficult for them to sit for a long time without doing anything

A child on a long trip in public transportation is a challenge for everyone. For parents, for other passengers, and for the child himself, who screams and is capricious not because he is badly brought up, but because he does not know what to do with himself. Therefore, finding a decent entertainment that does not take up half of the luggage and at the same time captures the child for all the hours of the trip is priceless.

According to The Sun, a TikTok user called thetravelhack, a mother who has to fly with her young daughter, came up with such an entertainment (to watch the video, scroll to the end). She bought a soft organizer for stationery and documents. It can be filled at your discretion with pencils, markers and drawing albums, books, coloring books, craft kits, board games and toys. A child can spend more than an hour going through the contents of such a small suitcase and playing with everything in turn.

The woman noted that this organizer is convenient because it doesn't take long to find it in your hand luggage, and it fastens tightly, so nothing falls out or gets lost. In addition, it has several compartments, which are a special pleasure for kids to leaf through.

In the comments, other parents expressed their delight at the ingenious woman's idea. And someone admitted that he had made something similar for his 5-year-old son out of an old laptop case with many pockets and compartments, and it worked great too.

The publication also added a separate tip from Wizz Air flight attendants. They advise parents to choose seats for flying with their child based on his or her personality. There are always a lot of people walking back and forth in the front and rear of the cabin, because the toilets are located there, and it's much quieter in the middle. So, the nose and tail are better suited for curious children who like to look at others and get to know them, and shy kids will feel better in the center.

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