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Stars that have made their hairstyles iconic
Stars that have made their hairstyles iconic

Women always look up to celebrities before going to a beauty salon. They come to hairdressers with requests for "Beckham's bob", "Kylie Jenner's makeup" or "Jessica Parker's curls".

The unique style of the stars helps in their careers, and sometimes a radical change of look makes them even more popular. OBOZREVATEL talks about the hairstyles of celebrities that have become favorites for millions of beauties.

  • Jennifer Aniston - medium-length cascade
Jennifer Aniston has always worn a cascade

The fashion for cascading haircuts, straight hair and highlights is gradually making a comeback. The hairstyle of Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston gives her face a fresh look. The star of the TV series Friends has never changed her hair color or hairstyle throughout her career.

  • Halle Berry - short pixie haircut
Halle Berry always has a short haircut

Actress Halle Berry became popular when she had medium-length hair. However, now few people remember her with long locks. The star has beautiful curly locks, and ten years ago she got her famous short haircut, which she hasn't changed since. The pixie emphasizes all the charms of Berry's face and adds brightness to her look.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker - curls on long hair
Sarah Jessica Parker always has the same hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker's hairstyle has become her hallmark. However, sometimes the actress changes it. Still, everyone associates her with light airy curls. Owners of long hair can easily recreate the style with a thin curling iron.

  • Victoria Beckham - long bob
Victoria Beckham has been wearing a bob for a long time

In the early 2000s, Victoria Beckham's haircut was a favorite. An elongated bob, like Beckham's, was worn by everyone, regardless of hair color and type. The haircut designer herself abandoned it in favor of styling with long, straight strands.

  • Kate Middleton - curled ends
Kate Middleton curls the ends

The conservative Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, almost never changes her hairstyle. She has thick dark hair, the ends of which are always curled. All women dream of having such smooth and shiny hair. The Duchess's stylist always curls her hair a little at the ends to make it look both natural and elegant at the same time.

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