Kate Middleton's little copy: why 8-year-old Princess Charlotte has a chance of becoming a style icon like her mom

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Kate Middleton's daughter is very similar to her mother

The middle child of the Dukes of Wales William and Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, celebrated her 8th birthday in May this year but is already a frequent guest at royal and informal events. The little beauty is dressed not in the way children are used to but in elegant dresses, skirts and coats.

Since Princess Charlotte is Kate Middleton's only daughter, she is often compared to her mother. For example, the other day they visited the Windsor Baby Bank charity organization, where the girl was dressed informally but tastefully, wearing brands.

The eight-year-old princess wore a red jumper and a fashionable skirt from the French brand Cyrillus to create a relaxed winter look.

Eight-year-old princess wears a red jumper and a fashionable skirt

The Crown Prince's daughter does not choose colorful clothes with patterns or children's drawings. The little princess also does not abuse practical clothing when it comes to official events.

The Crown Prince's daughter does not wear colorful clothes

Just like her mother, who is most likely responsible for her daughter's style, the schoolgirl dresses tastefully, avoids sporty looks, and does not appear in public in inappropriate outfits.

The princess dresses elegantly and tastefully
The princess often wears dresses

The daughter of the royal style icon Kate Middleton also does not neglect accessories. She can be seen wearing hair bands, beautiful jewelry, and glasses when needed.

Kate Middleton's daughter does not neglect accessories
Mum and daughter are very similar

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