How to remove false eyelashes without damaging your own: tips

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False eyelashes are a great way to add expressiveness to your eyes. It is an ideal option to help you create a spectacular evening look. The beauty of false eyelashes is that they generally do not affect your natural eyelashes, as the strip adheres to the skin just above the hairline.

The main thing is to remove these strips correctly. Experts told us how to remove the strips so as not to harm your own eyelashes or the skin around them.

Jennifer Johnson, Ardell's brand director, explained that sometimes false eyelashes cause skin irritation and loss of natural hairs. This happens if you tear off the strips too abruptly. The expert offered step-by-step instructions to help minimize the risks.

Step 1

First of all, the question arises: should you cleanse your skin first or remove the false eyelashes? Johnson emphasized that false eyelashes should be removed before starting the makeup removal procedure. Cosmetic products are not technically required: you can remove the lashes by gently pulling them by the outer corner. However, if you feel that the lashes are twitching, it is worth softening the adhesive tape. Dampen a cotton swab with makeup remover and wipe along the line of the strip.

Step 2

If you used individual lashes rather than a strip, apply an oil-based makeup remover to a cotton swab to loosen the adhesion.

Step 3

Experts say that false eyelashes can be reused up to 15 times with proper care. Remove excess glue from the eyelash tape and then clean them with makeup remover. A cotton swab will come in handy again. Run it along the lash line to remove the sticky layer of adhesive. Let the lashes dry and then place them in a safe, dry place for storage. It is important that the false eyelashes are not exposed to moisture, direct sunlight, or dust.

Important warnings

"Striped lashes can last up to twelve hours per application if they are applied correctly," Johnson emphasized.

It is imperative to remove false eyelashes before going to bed, otherwise there is a risk of not only damaging the lashes but also skin irritation.

"In fact, you can wear false eyelashes every day if you apply and remove them properly. With the right techniques, false eyelashes won't cause any discomfort to the delicate eye area," the expert summarized.

Johnson also recommends using a serum to grow and strengthen eyelashes every night before going to bed.

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