How to rejuvenate your face: secrets of makeup artists

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Less foundation and more attention to the eyes and care: that's what's important in makeup with age. Source: Created with the help of AI

The loss of facial skin elasticity is an inevitable process, and wrinkles appear with age in all people. However, properly applied makeup can conceal age-related changes and make your face look more toned.

Makeup artist Katie Walker gave GB News some tips that will change your approach to makeup. She recommends focusing on skin care and paying special attention to the eye area.

Skin care

Properly selected products cannot completely stop time, but they can significantly slow down the natural aging process. According to Walker, it's hard to expect a youthful appearance if you neglect the basics of care, such as proper cleansing, moisturizing, and special anti-aging products.

Be sure to cleanse your face of excess sebum, makeup, and other impurities at least once a day, in the evening. In any case, do not forget about moisturizing. And in sunny weather, always use sunscreens because ultraviolet light accelerates skin aging like nothing else.

Light makeup

In addition, with age, it is worth switching to lighter makeup products that provide a not-too-dense coverage. If you apply a really thick product to wrinkles, it will not hide but only emphasize them.

If possible, choose decorative products with a moisturizing effect. They will make your skin look fuller and fresher.

All attention to the eyes

Open, shining eyes are what really make a face look young. Thus, as you age, pay more attention to this area.

Start with a good eye care routine. The skin around the eyes ages faster than other areas of the body because it is thinner. Dark under-eye circles caused by dehydration and stress are another key indicator of age. So be sure to get yourself a good cream for this area. It will help saturate the skin with moisture and make it more elastic.

And for instant rejuvenation, use the right eye contouring. Use a primer to prepare your skin for makeup application. Choose a product with a glowing effect. In addition, apply reflective concealer to the under-eye area. It will hide fine lines and wrinkles. And use a drop of peach blush to give the area a youthful look.

Katie also noted that neglecting natural features, such as eyebrows and eyelashes, makes a person look older. So, over time, you should apply less eyeliner and make the line blurred and less noticeable. Curl and paint your eyelashes well to make your eyes look wide open.

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