How to maximize your eyes with shadows: a life hack

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The right contrasting color will greatly emphasize your eyes. Source: Created with the help of AI

Have you ever wondered why eyeshadows from the same palette can make your makeup look either successful - revealing your eyes and giving them radiance, or heavy and uncomplimentary? It's all about the colors you choose.

The blogger @k.wamp (Carissa Wampler) shared the right principle of choosing shades on TikTok. According to her, nothing will help to emphasize the color of your eyes better than the old and proven color wheel. It helps you choose the most suitable shades for your outfit and can also be used for impressive makeup.

How to find the right eye shadow color

Start by finding a shade on the color wheel that matches your eye color as closely as possible. It can be two neighboring shades. Start from them.

Then move to the sector of the circle opposite to the one where you found your shade. Those colors that are located on it at the same distance from the center are your ideal contrast, which can emphasize the natural shade.

How to maximize your eyes with shadows: a life hack

Couples are usually on the following scales:

  • blue eyes: from light warm browns and golds to deeper orange and reddish-brown shades;
  • brown eyes: light blue, lilac and purple;
  • green eyes: rusty orange, pink and red.

How to apply eye shadow to emphasize eye color

Of course, you can apply the color you found to the entire surface of the eyelid. But spot application in the right places will work better, says the blogger. Take a small, beveled brush and put a little shadow on the inside of the eye, above and below the tear duct, and on the water line in the outer corner. Finally, blend a small amount of shadow on the outer edge of the upper eyelid.

The color you use should only be visible on your face. This will be enough to make your eye makeup look impressive and very flattering.

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