How to make your own eyebrow gel with the perfect shade: life hack

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Expressive eyebrows have been a major makeup trend for many years. Eyebrows create the necessary accents and can even visually correct the proportions of the face.

Eyebrow products usually have a relatively small range of shades: light, medium, and dark. Relatively little attention is paid to cold or warm undertones, which is why it can be difficult to find your perfect shade. Cosmopolitan experts told us how to create an eyebrow gel with the perfect shade with your own hands.

Famous makeup artist Vincent Ford offers a versatile and easy way to create your own tinted eyebrow gel that will match your hair color and skin tone. And you probably already have all the ingredients you need in your makeup bag.

Step-by-step instructions

You will need a clear brow gel and an eye shadow.

  1. Apply a small amount of brow gel to the back of your hand.
  2. Using a separate clean brush, mix the eye shadow of the desired shade with the gel.
  3. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply the tinted gel to the eyebrows with a brush.

A nice bonus is that the eyeshadow palette will give you several shades, and you can experiment to determine the most ideal color.

As OBOZ.UA told you earlier, a naturally curved eyebrow of the perfect length that reaches a high point in the right place can make your face look more harmonious. Instead, poorly drawn, unkempt, or overly plucked eyebrows can visually add age, making your eyes look heavy and tired. 

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