How to look flawless every day: tips for "nude" makeup

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How to use minimal makeup and look flawless. Source: Created with the help of AI

In recent years, so-called "nude" makeup has become increasingly popular. Its essence is to use a minimal amount of cosmetics to emphasize natural beauty.

Cosmetics should hide minor imperfections, not change the face beyond recognition. That's why TheEveryGirl has shared the best tips and tricks to help you look both natural and flawless.

"Nude" makeup does not feel heavy on the face, does not weigh it down and does not create a mask effect. It will be appropriate both in the office and at a social event.

Skin preparation

Healthy and radiant skin is the basis for any makeup look. So before you get all dolled up, prepare your face with a moisturizing mask. It will help make your skin supple and elastic.


Primer is the easiest way to smooth your skin before applying makeup. It creates a base that allows your foundation to go on evenly and stay put all day long.

You can also use a brightening primer to make your skin glow from the inside out after applying foundation.


If you want to avoid the mask effect and make the coverage as natural and light as possible, avoid overly dense and pigmented products. It is better to choose a tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream. These products can give your skin extra moisture and allow your freckles, redness, and imperfections to shine through, creating the illusion that you are not wearing any makeup at all.


If you want to hide dark circles or other imperfections, apply a light layer of moisturizing concealer. Blend it with your fingers because the heat of your skin will make the product peel off and go on more evenly.

Creamy textures

Creamy textures blend much better than powder ones. But if you are worried that your makeup will run or deform during the day, you can powder it before leaving the house or use a setting spray.


Our skin is naturally reddened, so apply a little cream blush to the apples of your cheeks, nose, and temples.


You don't need to draw artificial eyebrows in the perfect shape. It is better to simply emphasize their natural beauty and density with a fixing gel.

If your eyebrows are too light or sparse, use a thin liner to add hair-like strokes.


Do not apply mascara in several layers to avoid overloading your look. If you have long and black eyelashes, you don't need to use mascara at all, just curl them with an eyelash curler.

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