How to enlarge your lips with makeup: life hacks that replace injections

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Ingenious use of ordinary makeup products will help you get the desired effect

Modern women are obsessed with lip augmentation. However, in order to create fuller lips, you don't have to make painful injections as you can achieve the desired effect with makeup.

OBOZ.UA has collected some life hacks that will help with this. All you need is the contents of your makeup bag and a little patience.

Use a cream bronzer

Although this product is used to sculpt the face, it can also create the effect of plump lips. Apply a little bit of the product above the Cupid's arch and under the center of the lower lip and blend it out. The darkened areas will create the illusion of depth, blurring the natural lip line and adding a slight tan effect. Be sure to avoid bronzers with a warm shade or shimmer as they will look unnatural in the lip area.

Emphasize the Cupid's arch with a dark lip pencil

The Cupid's arch, when properly emphasized, can visually enlarge the lips. One way is to gently apply a dark pencil, a few shades darker than your skin color, over the arch. Do not try to repeat its shape but rather move the pencil from side to side, as if trying to erase this natural depression. Then use your finger to blend the pencil along the outer edge of the upper lip to the corners. You can also draw the lower lip in the center a little below the contour in a similar way and blend the line. A gloss with a focus in the center of the lips - under darker accents - can complete this makeup.

Create depth with a contouring stick

For this makeup, you will need a lip pencil and any contouring stick. Apply the product to the skin around the lips with an eyeshadow brush. Don't be afraid to do it sloppy. Then trace the lips along the outer edge of the natural line with a pencil of the desired tone. Blend the pencil using tapping movements with your finger. However, do not go beyond the drawn contour. Next, use a sponge to remove the remaining contouring product, covering it with the foundation that remains on the sponge. Finally, apply your favorite lip gloss.

Use a lip pencil a shade darker than your natural color

A well-defined dark line always creates a deeper effect. Therefore, take a lip pencil one shade darker than your natural color and draw a bold line along the contour. Then blend the line with your finger to smooth out the sharp edges and create the illusion of fuller lips. Finish.

Apply bronzer powder to the lips

To visually enlarge your lips, use a pencil in your natural color to outline them, minimally going beyond the natural line. Next, take a powder bronzer or brown eyeshadow and apply it to your lips with your finger to create a base of color. Put on a light lipstick over the bronzer and finish your makeup with a moisturizing lip balm or gloss.

"Erase" the shape of the lips with concealer

Sometimes the best way to create something new is to start from scratch. "Erase" your natural lips by covering them with a thick layer of skin-tone concealer. And then draw a new shape, especially carefully darkening the corners of your mouth to add volume. In this case, it is better to paint the lips with a nude gloss of the same color as the lip pencil and then apply a drop of a lighter shade of gloss in the center of the lip to create the illusion of plumpness.

Use a lip pencil to create color

If you want to create a natural but fuller lip contour, use a three-step life hack with pencils. Use a pencil that is a shade darker than your natural color to cover your lips completely. Then trace the perimeter of the lip shape with another pencil of a much darker shade, slightly extending beyond the natural line in the center. Finally, use a gloss.

Create a shadow around the lips with a pencil

Use a brown pencil in a darker but neutral natural shade to create the illusion of a shadow around the lips. Draw a line about a millimeter above the natural edge of the lip and then blend it with your finger until it is almost invisible. This will create the illusion of plump lips. The main thing is to shade everything really carefully.

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