How to do makeup without makeup and look amazing: simple tips

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Natural beauty can also be created with makeup

Knowing how to do a complete evening makeup is a useful skill, but it is hardly relevant in everyday life. Recently, the trend for naturalness, including maximum naturalness in appearance, has been gaining momentum.

But how to make this trendy makeup without makeup? OBOZ.UA has collected the main life hacks of makeup artists that will help you maintain confidence in your appearance and at the same time create the impression of a "naked" face.

Take care of your skin properly

Healthy, glowing skin looks better than any foundation, even the best one. Therefore, make sure you choose the right cosmetics for your skincare routine that will work for you and solve your specific problems - rashes, age spots, dryness, etc. It may take some time and you may need to consult a professional cosmetologist for help. But the result will be worth it. You will look stunning at any time of the day.

Use a light base

If you're still not ready to give up foundation altogether, look for lightweight, partially covered textures. There is a wide range of BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers, and sunscreens available now. Choose a shade that is as close as possible to your natural skin color and apply a small amount of product.

Ditch the contouring

Let's face it - carefully done contouring looks good only in a photo, in real life, a contoured face looks unnatural. That's why this technique doesn't go well with "makeup without makeup". If you still want to give your face a certain sculpted look, use highlighter and concealer to highlight the desired areas. Give preference to creamy textures, natural shades and blend everything well.

Give yourself a bronzed glow

In the summer, you may need a drop of bronzer to give your face a tan glow. Apply it to the areas of your face where the sun's rays naturally fall – the tip of your nose, cheekbones, brow bones, and chin. And don't forget to blend.

Emphasize your natural eyebrows

Eyebrows are called the foundation of makeup, so it's important to take care of their clear shape. But for a natural makeup, you'll have to give up drawing graphic eyebrows. Adjust your natural shape, comb the hairs in the desired way, and fix them with a transparent or translucent gel in the shade you want.

If you need to shape your eyebrows, follow these tips. Instead of drawing everything from scratch, use your natural eyebrow as a stencil and shape it with a pencil. Use light strokes to trim the natural line. Make sure that any product you use matches your natural eyebrow shade and avoid using highly pigmented products.

Ditch the false eyelashes

False eyelashes don't quite fit in with natural makeup because they create a hyperfine line. Instead, mascara will give the image the desired naturalness. Prefer brown or dark gray rather than black. Focus on length, not volume, and apply in one layer.

Give preference to balms and glosses

Pigmented lip balms and glosses have the lightest texture of all lip products. Leave darker colors and matte lipsticks for evening outings. Choose moisturizers that, in addition to having a decorative effect, also have a care component. For those who cannot live without lipstick, makeup artists advise choosing nude shades and a satin finish. The emphasized shine of lipstick can also go against the concept of "makeup without makeup".

Be careful with blush

In a full makeup, blush serves as an accent. In a natural makeup, they should remain barely noticeable. Choose a color that is not very different from your natural skin tone and use a minimum of product. To avoid making a mistake, look for a blush that is as similar as possible to the color of your face when it is slightly red.

Pay attention to products with a wet finish

Matte textures look gorgeous, but not too natural. Instead, products that have a wet finish give the impression of glowing skin from within. Lightweight foundations, highlighters with a little shimmer, radiance sprays – these are the products for "makeup without makeup".

Lighten the under-eye area gently

Concealer is a must-have in every makeup bag, but it's not necessarily the best product for the under-eye area when you want a subtle makeup look. Go for options that have less pigment and provide lighter coverage if you want a more natural look.

Lay off the powder

Powder makeup doesn't look natural because it strips away the skin's natural glow, so ditch the dry products in favor of creamy textures. If you're worried about their staying power, buy a setting spray.

Use the right shades

A good "no makeup look" will not work if you don't choose the right shades for your complexion. Start by correctly identifying your shade: cool, neutral, warm, or olive. Knowing this, you can choose the right shade of your foundation. Choose products that blend in with your skin tone or differ from it minimally when it comes to accents. And avoid strong pigmentation. Translucent products are better.

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