How to do budget makeup in minutes: you need a minimum of cosmetics

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For a spectacular daily look, you need a minimum of decorative products. Source: Created with the help of AI

Even those women for whom makeup is a real hobby sometimes dream of spending as little time and effort as possible on it in the morning and getting great results. And in fact, it's quite realistic, and you don't need many products for such a makeover.

Israeli model Bar Refaeli showed on her Instagram how to create the perfect look. According to her estimates, she spends only 8 minutes to make herself beautiful and focuses on emphasizing healthy and well-groomed skin.

The star begins her makeup application with moisturizing, covering her entire face with cream. Next, Bar takes concealer and applies it to the corners of the eyes for a fresh look, as well as to problem areas of the skin. She blends the product carefully, and then emphasizes the cheekbones and temples with a natural-looking bronzer. The model has fair skin by nature, so she chooses an almost imperceptible color to emphasize the natural shape of her face, rather than create a sculpting effect.

Next, Refaeli applies the foundation with a brush to the areas of the skin where she hasn't used makeup before and blends it well. Please note that the model first puts the right amount of product on the back of her wrist, and then picks it up on the pile.

Next, it's the turn of the lips. Bar covers them with a translucent moisturizing lipstick that emphasizes the natural shade. And then it's the turn of the cream blush. With this product, the model emphasizes the cheekbones and temples, and also applies a little to the lips for a more expressive color. Finally, Rafaeli combs her eyebrows with a gel to shape them and fix the hairs. And that's it for the star's natural everyday look.

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