How to choose a foundation for your skin: simple tips

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The right foundation should smooth out skin imperfections

The wrong type of foundation can ruin your entire makeup look, making your face look too pale and flat, or creating the illusion of dirty skin. But how do you choose the right texture for your foundation?

The advice was given on her TikTok by makeup artist Selena Marchand, who works a lot with makeup for weddings, which must look flawless and last all day. In simple words, she advises going against the grain and choosing a formula that is opposite to your skin type.

For those with dry skin, Marchand suggests choosing a liquid foundation that leaves a slight sheen. And for people with oily skin, she suggests that they should choose products with a matte finish. This approach will help smooth out the natural appearance of the skin and make it flawless.

Once you've found the right foundation, you need to learn how to apply it correctly, Marshan explained. The first step, she said, is to prepare your face by applying a suitable moisturizer. After applying it, you need to take a 5-minute pause to allow the product to absorb, and only then proceed to the next step.

After that, the makeup artist advised to apply a small amount of foundation to the cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. In this case, use not your fingers or a tube of the product, but a special brush for foundation. It will help you blend the product correctly. It is best to choose a flat tool with bristles of the same length.

Marchand advised to blend carefully, without aggressive movements. The product should be evenly distributed over the skin – without streaks and spots. This is the only way to achieve an even finish. As a life hack for this, the makeup artist suggested using a patting brush on the skin, rather than smearing movements. This way, the cream will get into the smallest recesses and spread evenly on the face.

Finally, Marchand advised using the smallest amount of foundation on the forehead, where the need for coverage is usually minimal. And also, to refuse to apply foundation under the eyes, giving this area completely to concealer.

The makeup artist called the absence of stickiness or stratification of the product as signs of the right choice of foundation. If the tone goes on smoothly and lasts well, then you have definitely chosen the right product.

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