How to achieve a perfect complexion after 40: no pores or wrinkles will be visible

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With these tips, you'll always apply foundation flawlessly. Source: Created with the help of AI

With age, the skin tone on your face becomes less even. Pigment spots and traces of lifelong skin problems accumulate, become more noticeable, and wrinkles appear. Therefore, the issue of high-quality foundation coverage becomes more acute.

Professional makeup artists know how to apply it so that it lies down in a flawless layer and at the same time effectively covers all imperfections. OBOZ.UA has collected their tips on this subject.

Choose the right brush

If you prefer a brush for applying foundation, choose the right shape of the tool. For example, a round brush with soft bristles is best for creamy textures. Liquid products are best applied with a tapered brush. However, it will not be very effective in shading. Let's talk about how to do it correctly.

Apply with your fingers

Contrary to the popular stereotype, applying foundation with your fingers is a convenient and effective method. Especially for liquid textures. But don't forget to wash your hands well before starting makeup. Finger application is also effective if you want to apply several layers of foundation.

Blend with a makeup sponge

Applying foundation with this tool is also convenient, but not economical because it absorbs quite a lot of product. But it's probably the best way to blend foundation, especially because it will remove it where you over-cover. Use both circular and patting movements, depending on the effect you want to achieve. But after blending, give the foundation time to absorb into the skin.

Find the right shade of foundation

There are dozens and dozens of foundation shades – lighter and darker, with warm and cool undertones. Among them, it's important to choose the one that matches your skin as closely as possible. Test the product on the bottom of your cheek and do it in daylight. If it's really your color, you won't notice the product on your skin.

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