How the world welcomes tourists from Russia after February 24 and why it is a shame to be a Russian. Illustrative photos

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Russians are not welcomed in the world

After the outbreak of the terrorist war in Ukraine, Russians are better off not going to the civilized world. There, they will face condemnation, shame and a number of problems, for which they can thank their dictator Vladimir Putin.

Of course, few foreigners dare to get their hands dirty on citizens of a terrorist country, but in almost every country, one can see a deep dislike of Russians. The illustrative photos were collected by the editorial staff of the state-owned Center for Strategic Communications at the ICIP on Instagram (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page)

From now on, Russians who do not like to spend their free time to the tune of the Ukrainian national anthem should not visit the Imatrankoski waterfall in Finland, because they will be greeted there only with the words "Neither glory nor freedom of Ukraine has died yet." In addition, pro-Ukrainian posters were posted near the border.

In Finland, Russians play Ukrainian anthem

But citizens of the terrorist country will not be able to eat on the same rights as other guests, because a Finnish pizzeria has introduced a new rule: if your country is ruled by a bloody dictator, you will have to pay an additional five euros.

New rule for Russian citizens in restaurants

Unfortunately for Russians, but fortunately for Estonians and Ukrainians, Soviet monuments have been dismantled in Estonia. Civilized countries do not need terrorist tanks, nor do they need the citizens of a terrorist state.

Soviet monuments dismantled in Estonia

In picturesque Norway, Russians will also have a hard time. Renting a house or a car, exchanging money - these privileges are available only to people who do not support genocide, and Russian citizens are not known to be among them. By the way, it is also better not to come by car, because you will have to explain to the car repairmen why "murderers" are scratched on the hood.

Russians will also have a hard time in picturesque Norway

There is also talk that the people of Switzerland do not like it when their houses and apartments are rented by representatives of the people whose army in Ukraine steals toilets and other people's underwear.

Russians are not rented housing

Despite the fact that the Lithuanian government has built a 550 km long barbed wire fence on the border with Russia and Belarus, the Lithuanians have banned Russians from even looking at the beauty from afar.

Lithuanians are not happy with neighbors from Russia

The people of Georgia are free and united in their support for Ukraine. They tell this to "guests" in person and in public. For example, the Georgian bar Dedaena Bar in Tbilisi has introduced "visas" for Russians who want to visit the establishment.

The people of Georgia are free and in solidarity in their support for Ukraine

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a Russian citizen was refused three times by apartment owners on as soon as they learned about her attitude to Russia's war against Ukraine.

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