How 5G radiation affects human body: scientists have an answer

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5G radiaton

Scientists from the United States have proven that 5G or 4G radio waves do not significantly affect the development of aquarium fish embryos.

The experiment showed that the radiation only slightly reduced sensorimotor functions, PLOS ONE reports.

For the experiment, a chamber built from a Faraday cage was used, as well as the eggs of Danio rerio aquarium fish. An antenna and a transmitter were attached to the camera, which emitted 3.5 GHz radio waves, which is used for 4G and 5G networks.

The fish received radio waves for 42 hours starting six hours after fertilization. Subsequent analysis showed that there was no significant impact on mortality and morphology of fish embryos.

Danio rerio aquarium fish

The scientists only found a moderate inhibition of the startle response, which suggests some sensorimotor impairment. The researchers believe that this may indicate early markers of neuromuscular disorders that will manifest themselves in adults.

As a result, the scientists concluded that exposure to 3.5 GHz is likely to be benign for humans.

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